3rd Apr 2006, 01:58

So far I like my H3 but I probably should have waited for a V8 or diesel option. I'm not a fan of overhead cam motors, and while the 3.5 is great for commuting, I've needed to use the low range a few times to get through my "driveway". The H3's crawl ratio more than makes up for it's underpowered motor, but sometimes I'd like to get away from the house a little faster. A variant of the Duramax would be welcome, may be a 3.3 inline four or a 5.0 V6. Perhaps a smallblock Vortec could be shoehorned into the compartment, but I'd rather have a TDI in this little beast. I might trade it in if they come out with a TDI H3 Alpha. Too bad they never put the turbo on the 3.5 like they said it would. And by the way, the Trailblazer inline 6 is 4.2 liters, not 4.3. My ZR2 had a Vortec 4.3 V6 and it did pretty well in my "driveway" but I needed something to haul my wife and kids with too.

8th May 2006, 10:56

Just a tip for everyone in Canada that are planning to buy a new vehicle in the next few months. I plan to buy either a new H3, or a slightly used Blazer ZR-2. Buy your vehicle in the states. I have looked into this and done some research. The cost of importing it is about $250, plus your taxes but the H3 starts at $30,000 ($10,000 cheaper than in Canada) and the exchange rate is $1.12 (est) Canadian of $1 American and getting closer. That means you can save up to 15% on your purchase. Unfortunatly, you can't buy an import like this, or you will have to pay duty. My only worry, is about the warranty being valid still. Check with your dealer. Also, due to the new federal budget, you can save 1% in tax by buying after July 1st because they lowerd the GST rate. hope this helps someone.

23rd May 2006, 17:42

I'm in the market to buy a new vehicle and for the most part I generally like speed. I've always been a sporty car type guy, but the H3 has won me over with it's style and appearance. Right now the H3 is the only vehicle I would like. However, reading your reviews, I'm not so enthusiastic. I understand the H3 is not built for speed, but your comments has led me to believe the SUV is slower than molasses. Really, how slow or fast is it? Shouldn't having a manual trasmission give you an edge on acceleration. If I'm on the highway, do I really have to floor it to pass another vehicle? By the way, all your reviews and critics have been very much helpful in helping me with the decision to purchase a H3.

1st Jun 2006, 02:33

I purchased my H3 approx. 3 weeks ago, have driven in town and 2 road trips, in town, averaged 16.7 mpg, on hi-way, averaged 21.5 mpg. Is it a speedster? No, but once you accelerate, not floor it, it is a nice smooth ride. I traded a 2003 Durango R/T 5.7 liter gas hog for my H3 and have no regrets. My compressor went out and was just replaced, causing a little concern, but all in all what a classy, eye-catching, fun to drive vehicle. Also the monsoon system sounds great!

Happy with my purchase!!!

20th Jun 2006, 15:49

First of all, that comment that said you must own your own oil company to get that good on gas, whoever said that must have the h3 mixed up with the h2.


13th Jul 2006, 20:58

I've had my H3 for about a month, traded in my 2000 Chevy Blazer (junk) and never looked back!

I love it I love it!! Like the T-Shirt says HUMMER Like Nothing Else! That's the whole Hummer thing, like nothing else and that's why you buy em'.

Face it folks, when you see one coming down the road, you know it's a Hummer, make no mistake, and up goes your blood pressure, either because you simply love it, or you don't, either way it leaves an impression on you.

Gas mileage? It's a Hummer people... The H3 has it's own feel on the road, it feels stout, meaty, very solid and tight, a little slow, but it's a Hummer!

Bottom line - you buy em' because they are Hummers and all that implies, Hummer rules off road that's common knowledge + pull up to the stop light in one and all eye's are upon the Hummer, reguardless of what else is sitting there.

I love this vehicle, it drives great for what it is, it is the coolest meanest looking thing on the road at present, I feel safe in it, the Onstar with hands free calling is very James Bond, the Hummer club is cool also. Anyway's, I bought it because I like it, and in the end that's all that really matters.

16th Jul 2006, 22:38

I used to drive an H3 everyday (H3 is no more), and "VERY GOOD ON GAS" is NOT something I would say about it. Maybe because I like to stomp on the gas pedal a lot, but 13 MPG is not good in my books. I don't care what the ads say, I have never been able to get 20 MPG out of it, ever.

8th Sep 2006, 21:09

I own a GMC canyon with the inline 5, since the engine is the only commonality, I would like to add that it sounds really good under full throttle, different - in an inline sort of way. sure not an eight, but gets me thinking about opening up the exhaust a bit. In this age of V6s, turbos, etc. it is nice to hear a new modern sounding engine. After all - it is still internal combustion. sweet!!

15th Oct 2006, 19:05

Yes, like someone wrote when a Hummer is stopped at light definitely all eyes are on it. I very much wanted to buy a yellow H3 with stick. But due to my financial status I had to settle for a lesser one. I now own a 2006 Civic manual. I don't care about mileage. As long as it's Hummer it will have its value wherever you go. Everytime I see a Hummer go down the road I wish I was not in a financial crunch.

For the looks of Hummer I would prefer it to be relatively slow, strolling down the road making a lot of influence on things around. So it not being fast is not a concern either for me. Hopefully after 4 or 5 years I will own one.

23rd Oct 2006, 19:45

To 19:05, are you serious, is your comment a joke? I'm not kidding, I would really like to know.

24th Oct 2006, 11:37

To 19:45, no it's not a joke. I am serious. What makes you think it's a joke? H3 = 34000$, Civic = 18300$. Yeah! it's little bit diffy to believe what I initially wrote, but it's true. You probably are feeling that way as I did not put my whole thought into it.

24th Oct 2006, 17:05

What I meant was that you are now driving maybe the best car on the road; surely one of the most trustworthy, it's sporty, gets good/great gas mileage, and it's a Honda. You want to trade that for a big, yellow, gaudy Hummer that gets half the mileage and will last half as long?