25th Oct 2006, 13:42

Best car on the road? Definitely not. Trustworthy? How can he know, he hasn't owned it long enough to tell. It's a Honda? Sure it is, but that wouldn't give me much consolation, considering the one we had wasn't good at all. And Sporty? Not in my book, that car is THE UGLIEST I have seen in a long time, the front is hideous. Why couldn't they stay with the previous generation? They didn't look all that bad for an economy car. And How can you say that the Hummer will only last half as long? That's just speculation. If I was that guy, I'd get rid of that potato car as soon as I could, and I wish him good luck in finding a Hummer he likes.

31st Oct 2006, 16:35

Whoa!!! Unfortunately I agree with both of you except for when the second guy said UGLIEST. It may look a wee bit odd in certain angles, but it is not THE ugliest. Probably you feel that way cause ur previous one got busted soon... (sorry abt that)

Yeah, I wish I had monies to buy HUMMER though it means compromising in certain areas. Just following the Give and Take Policy!!!

2nd Nov 2006, 18:24

Take a look at the h2 or h3. I'm looking at one right now outside my window, parked about 20 yards away. Does it stand out? It sure does, because it is the dumbest looking vehicle in the lot. It looks like a big lump of crap squeezed into a parking space. Actually, it just occurred to me that it looks like a toy truck, like a plastic toy truck built to full scale as a joke. It kind of looks like a bus next to the Hyundai it's next to. It's really cheesy looking. This person's Honda may not be the BEST car on the road, but any Civic beats the living hell out of this weird looking thing.

7th Jan 2007, 08:56

My husband and I bought our H3 in July of 2005. We drove it to Vegas from Saskatchewan, Canada 2 days after we purchased it and got 18 mpg. Upon returning from our trip, we spoke to our dealer about improving the mileage, booked it into the shop and had a B&B exhaust and a cold air intake installed.

I am happy to report that I now average 21 mpg, have gotten as high as 25 mpg, our horsepower has increased by approximately 30 HP, and I have no problem having enough power to pass vehicles on the highway. Also, with the mileage, keep in mind that this thing is running all four wheels at ALL times, not a part time 4X4, so how can one expect the mileage to be that of a 2 wheel drive???

And yes, we DO go off-roading in the mountains when we can get away from our jobs! Things that the H3 can do off road would be a chore for many other 4X4's.

8th Jan 2007, 11:17

My new 4wd Trailblazer actually gets worse gas mileage than this model. I would really like to have a new Hummer H2 one step up... something to work a bit harder for down the road. I'll own one for sure!