17th Dec 2006, 13:00

The H3 was designed and built totally under the care of GM, so there is no "Jeep" in it other than its family resemblance to the other H's.

Calling the H3 a Jeep is like calling a Lamborghini Gallardo a Malaysian car since Proton owned it for a while.

27th Dec 2006, 12:14

The first commenter should educate himself about the vehicle before he speaks. The whole comment was ridiculous.

Some Jeeps are capable, CJ's, TJ's, Wranglers, and now JK's. The Rubicon with front and rear lockers are impressive and outright good off roaders. My problem with Jeep, after having owned several, is the poor quality.

The H3 is up to the challenge of the "rough stuff". I agree that for most rock crawling applications a solid front axle is the way to go, but if you don't want Jeeps poor quality, where are you gonna find one unless you build a dedicated trail rig? The H3 does what you ask of it off road and I have asked a lot of mine. It hasn't let me down. I have broken things, but I broke things on every Jeep I ever owned too. The H3 can run anywhere the Jeeps can until you start talking about super modified trail only rigs.

I can comfortably drive to the trail and pass every other make of stock vehicle there (except honestly for the Rubicon) and then drive comfortably home. Jeeps are not know for their great ride. Most of us drive many miles on the road also, the H3 is far superior in that department.

19th Jul 2007, 17:51

Although I do like the H3s, to say they can go stock where any jeep can go stock is a tiny bit off. In a few cases, the smaller wheelbase will help out as well as what you stated about the solid front axle. The Hummer however handsdown beats the new "FJ" offroad, and you get the pleasure of owning one of the few American vehicles with a "high status" zeal attached to it.

22nd Jul 2007, 23:48

True, and sometimes the longer wheel base of the H3 is advantageous over the shorter wheel base of the Jeep.

There is no such thing as one that is the best for everything.