1999 Hyundai Accent from North America


Although inexpensive and carries a substantial warrany, aggravation is immeasurable


A few weeks after I bought the car, I had to take it for a service because it would not shift out of park. The first time I took it in, the service representative told me all I had to do was stick a pencil down a slot while shifting in order for it to work. Since then, I have had the same problem two more times.

Last week, I took the car in because the Check Engine Light was on. Supposedly it was fixed. Yesterday, the light illuminated yet again.

The speakers are horrible. The sound is muffled when turned up loud and the sound goes high and low by itself.

General Comments:

I would not advise anyone to buy this model. Although Hyundai offers a very substantial warranty, it is not worth the time and aggravation. When the car is running, it runs pretty well. However, as far as I'm concerned the service people are not very understanding.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2001

16th May 2003, 21:29

That sounds like a typical 99 Accent to me. I got mine when it had 26K miles on it. I recently had to have the alternator replaced after having had the same type of electrical problems you're describing. I had to take it to the mechanics three times before they actually replaced it though--seems like Hyundai America is using that as a last resort and wants to exhaust all other options before they actually fix it properly, maybe hoping to stretch it till your warranty expires.

1999 Hyundai Accent GL from North America


The rear struts went out at 35,000 miles and were replaced by the dealer.

This car does not hold an alignment well at all. I am already on my second set of tires for the car. The car does not hold an alignment more than a week before it starts to pull. Last time I took it to the shop I was told by the dealer that the right front camber is out of alignment (but cannot be adjusted), so as far as the dealer is concerned the car is not out of alignment.

The interior door handle on the passenger's side broke & was replaced by the dealer.

The bushings in the sway part squeaked at 35,000 mile. They were replaced by the dealer.

The paint is so cheap on this car, if you brush your keys against the metal when you unlock it, it leaves scratches in the paint. If birds crap on the car and you don't wash it within the same day it happens it fades the paint.

The metal is so cheap that when you close the trunk you risk denting the metal. I have slammed the trunk before to close the trunk and the metal has small dents in it where my hand was. If you lean against the door and have rivets in your jeans you can scratch the paint and dent the door.

Quality is not job one at Hyundai. The Hyundai Accent is a sub-standard car made with sub-standard materials.

Don't buy it!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

5th Jun 2001, 10:18

I'm with you all the way, I don't have anything else to state about this car, you just took the words out of my mouth. Except mine, I had to change the engine at 7000 miles, which is very usual with this type of car. Advise people do not buy it.

1999 Hyundai Accent GLS 1.3 from Belgium


My next car will also be a Hyundai!!!


Everything is fine until now.

General Comments:

I really love this car. I have to drive 80km every day and until now my Accent didn't give me one single problem.

This car is also economic. It uses only 6.5 liters even when I am more like a sporty driver. It has enough power to have a sporty drive style, especially when I compare it with my Lanos which is more like a lawnmower than a car.

One thing is sure. My next car will also be a Hyundai.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2000

10th Dec 2002, 08:29

Are you working at Hyundai?

1999 Hyundai Accent GL 4 Cyl. from North America


This car is a headache


It stalls on a cold starst at 75 degrees outside. Has already had a new alternator, spark plugs and wires, fuel pump and still has the problem, along with at least 2 others at this dealership!

General Comments:

This car has been in the shop for 3 weeks out of the 4 months I have owned it. I am not happy with it!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2000

8th Jan 2001, 18:03

I am having the same problem! Did you ever get this resolved????

12th Feb 2001, 17:12

I have the solution. Do like I did, GET RID OF IT!!! It is the worst car ever.

30th Apr 2001, 14:31

I think that your dealers don't know anything about repairing cars.//...!!!

9th Jun 2001, 17:31

I've had mine 9 months and have had the alternator and an axle replaced. Thank the lord for warranties.

1999 Hyundai Accent Si Coupe 1.3i from UK and Ireland


Fun, good looking value for money car


Nothing to date!

General Comments:

Looks great with the spoiler, well equipped (sunroof, electric windows, power assisted steering etc) and plenty of space. Great value for money.

Dealer service across the country has been superb.

Group 7 insurance (I think) is a little high when compared to similar cars from different manufacturers.

The engine is a little unrefined - between 2500-3000rpm it makes a slight metallic ringing noise which arises from engine vibration. A charactristic you soon become accustomed to.

10,000 mile service - approx £130.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2000