2001 Hyundai Accent MVi 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Good value for your money


Ran out of oil within 3 months of owning it (? sump plug not correctly fitted) +? whether it ever had much oil in it in the first place.

General Comments:

No remote locking or alarm.

Cheap car, therefore excellent value for money - but disastrous depreciation.

Re the oil issue, dealer completely uninterested.

Clarion CD player with very good sound quality; until the lack of alarm and security in general allowed someone to smash the window and nick the thing without attracting any attention, in a busy car park in daylight!!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

2001 Hyundai Accent GSi from North America


Great car, great price!


There was one recall shortly after I got the car for something I didn't understand, it was never really explained fully, but they fixed it and there has been no problems.

The clock setting mechanism stopped working, but I don't know when. The clock kept perfect time, but I live in Saskatchewan and we don't have daylight savings time, so I've never had to set it. Found out when I had AC put in and the clock was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I absolutely love my Accent!

Handles great on the highway and in town, also in does pretty good on gravel.

Very comfortable, I'm over 6 feet tall and I find it has way more room than it looks. Even the back seat has more room than you would think.

Gas mileage is unbeatable!! Close to 50 miles/gallon in the summer.

Didn't come with AC or cruise control. I had AC put in for 1700.00 (Canadian) and I've gotten used to not having cruise!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

2001 Hyundai Accent LX 1.7 from North America


A cheap car with a very expensive hidden flaw


Two clutch failures in the first 47,000 miles.

General Comments:

My wife purchased the car new in 2000. It seemed like a pretty good little car. It ran well and was comfortable, even for me and I am over six feet tall. Then the clutch went out. The pressure plate broke in three places and destroyed the clutch disk. That was at 22,000 miles. We took it to the dealer and they charged 800.00 to replace it. They said it was her fault for riding the clutch and showed me the broken pieces and the burned patches on the metal. I pointed out that the metal looked porous and seemed to be a bad casting. They assured me it was just fine, it was my wife's driving. What choice did we have? We had it fixed. Then, a few days before Thanksgiving, it started slipping very badly. We took it in and sure enough, they wanted another 800.00 dollars. They told her she was riding the clutch. I am here to tell you that while her driving scares me, she does not ride the clutch or use it in any way that is not normal use. I am also here to say that in all my years of driving, and I have driven manual transmission cars for more than 35 years, I have only had one clutch failure and that was on a 1958 Chevy pickup that had 122,000 miles on its first clutch.

My conclusion is that Hyundai has built a substandard clutch mechanism and the customer can expect to pay and pay and pay until they unload the car on someone else.

This is the third and absolutely the last Hyundai we will ever buy. It may be a cheap car to buy, but not to own.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

25th Jan 2004, 15:22

I hate to tell you this, but your wife doesn't clutch properly. My 2001 has 76000 km (almost 50000 miles), I taught both my sons to drive standard on it, they drive it like it's a race car and I have not had a clutch problem.

1st Apr 2004, 17:35

I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent. Last week the clutch started slipping: I only have 19500 miles! The dealer claims I have "ridden the clutch," I HAVE NOT. I have driven a clutch for over 15 years. I did replace a clutch once before, but that was on an 8 year old Ford Fiesta that I had driven for 92,000 miles. I will never purchase a Hyundai again. It is a poorly made vehicle.