3rd Jun 2008, 11:32

My experience with the Yaris is that it has the worst braking in its class and nowhere near as good as Accent. This fact is shown in various performance publications. Also the Yaris has terrible cornering ability for such a small car and that dashboard in the Yaris is a pathetic cost cutting measure by Toyota. You should have gone with your first instinct my friend.

29th Jun 2008, 17:45

Here's one of the outstanding differences between the Accent & Yaris that seldom is pointed out:

The Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris & Honda Fit have the same external width. The Accent has 1 to 3 inches more interior width than the Yaris. The 3 extra inches are in the valuable shoulder width level. The Accent has ~1 inch more interior width than the Honda Fit, which is known for its space efficiency.

29th Jun 2008, 17:49

The Toyota Yaris is toted as being the best non-hybrid gasoline car in America. The Accent is EPA rated somewhat below the Yaris. Yesterday tho, I went to Mt. Rainier & 5500 foot Chinook Pass from sea level in a 2008 Accent. There & back the Accent posted an excellent 42.6 MPG. So the Accent ain't slouching in the MPG race.

29th Jun 2008, 18:32

This Toyota Yaris quality? Is that why Accent uses 6 airbags & Toyota only 2? Is that why Accent warranties their cars for 100,000 miles & not 36,000 miles? Is that why the Accent is quieter at speed than the Yaris? Maybe you say Yaris has better quality only because the Yaris costs more?

15th Jul 2008, 17:03

The Hyundai Accent is not in the league with the Yaris... It is WAYYYY ahead of it!! As a car lover and mechanic I love to drive different cars. The Yaris is, to put it bluntly, MUCH more cheaply made than the Accent. The handling, braking and overall road feel are worse. Hyundai has worked wonders with its cars in recent years, winning much (and deserved) acclaim. The Hyundai's warranty puts the Yaris to shame. If a car is REALLY good, it's manufacturer should have no qualms about putting a longer warranty on it. That should tell you something right there.

My best friend owns a 2005 Hyundai Accent with over 60,000 miles. I've driven it on trips with him, and it is a very good, solid little economy car. It has never yet had a single repair of any kind. The new 2008 Accent is way better still, and has really beautiful styling for a small car (unlike the "water bug" Yaris). I'm very patriotic and don't drive cars not made by American companies, but in the case of Hyundai I believe in giving credit where it is due.

7th Aug 2008, 12:49

Hi 21:59...I had a beloved Tercel too. Feather footing was the only way to get 40MPG with it, & that only on a long flat highway. I loved my Tercel, but other cars I've had, AVERAGED 42 & 45MPG with 50 & 53MPG highway highs. As for my previous comments on the Yaris, Yaris should have more interior space width-wise. Also, with the back seats up, the Accent has 60% more cargo space than Yaris. Don't get me wrong. I love small cars, but you give up quite a bit of interior room to get extra MPG with the Yaris.

We got Accent for thousands less than Yaris with more airbags & better warranty. I'll take a better warranty vs theoretical better repair records, specially when paying much less. So far our Accent is 100% without one squeak, creak or rattle.

I feel that Accent has a nicer interior than Yaris.

Saying all that tho, someone just reported 60MPG with their Yaris while feather footing thru Yellowstone Nat'l Park!

7th Aug 2008, 12:56

TOYOTA?? PERFECT?? Have you not read the hundreds of horror stories on the Tundra, Highlander, Sequoia and Camry sites?? The Toyota Camry and Tundra are currently rated FAR below Hyundai (or most any other car) in reliability. The Yaris has the dubious distinction of being on at least 1 "worst cars" list (it's probably on others I haven't read yet). The longest-lived vehicle in the October 2007 Consumer Reports articles on vehicles that go over 200,000 miles with no problems was a FORD. it had 488,000 miles and was still going strong.

It is just amazing how such myths (and they are that) about imports being so reliable can just keep rolling along. 150,000 miles is not a lot. One of our Fords was traded at 325,000+ miles and one of our Chryslers was sold at 240,000+ miles. My family currently has a GM car with over 270,000+ miles. The total repairs on all three of these vehicles over a 31 year period (the GM car is a 1977) has been less than 6 monthly notes on a new Camry.

7th Aug 2008, 13:14

I made the comment for June 29 & 17:49...Yes, Accent got 42.9MPG going up 5500 foot Chinook Pass from sea level. The next day on a lower 1400 foot mountain pass, Accent got 45.2MPG! Start feather footing people. The new cars can get great MPG... maybe 10+MPG over the EPA rating if you drive carefully. That 45.2 MPG... if I'd kept driving I wouldn't have had to fill for 500 miles!

7th Aug 2008, 22:07

Look, this was my review. You couldn't give me a Ford for free. I'd literally buy anything else before a Ford or GM. I've owned ONE of each and will never make that mistake again. Those are the only two makes of cars/trucks that have left me stranded and walking home. They're junk. All of them.

8th Aug 2008, 17:58

People can buy anything they want to based on ad hype and myth, but the only car I've ever been stranded in was a nearly new TOYOTA!! In 20 years I've NEVER had any mechanical trouble with ANY domestic. I don't know WHERE people come up with these ideas about domestics being "unreliable". I suppose it's from ads for Toyota or Honda.

The most reliable car Consumer Reports has ever tested is the Ford Fusion. The longest running truck they've featured was a Ford Ranger (488,000 miles and going strong, October 2007 issue).

The Cadillac CTS is Motor Trend's Car of the Year, the Chevy Malibu is the American Car of the Year, and 3 of Car and Drivers "World's 10 Best" are from GM.

The latest J.D. Powers report shows the 2nd most reliable car to be Mercury (Ford) after Lexus, which was TIED last year with Buick for first. That does NOT sound like domestics are garbage to me.

Of course, as a long time car enthusiast, member of two car clubs and a mechanic, what would I know??

10th Aug 2008, 22:05

17:58, Again, I doubt that anyone reading here cares about Ford and Chevy junk. Despite your car club memberships, Ford still makes junk. This is a Hyundai review; I wrote it so that people possibly looking for an Accent can have some feedback. I wouldn't and didn't bother looking at Fords when I bought, because they're junk and I don't buy junk.

13th Aug 2008, 10:23

Again, with comment 22:05, Saying "I didn't bother looking at Fords" says it all. This clearly indicates that the commenter has absolutely NO BASIS for then saying that "Fords are junk". You cannot know WHAT anything is unless you look at it. That's like saying "I never ate ice cream, but I hate it". If you have no basis for your statements, then they are of no value in this forum.