4th Sep 2008, 19:22

As a general rule, most people of average or better income trade cars well before 100,000 miles just to have something newer. Any car that comes with a 100,000 mile warranty is going to serve the needs of 90% of the people.

When we were younger and poorer we kept cars a very long time because we had to. Now we can pretty much afford new ones whenever we choose to get one.

We always buy domestic because they are more comfortable, look nicer and have far more appeal than less exciting imports. Our past experience with several imports didn't impress us. They were not very reliable.

10th Sep 2008, 21:35

This is my review, and I can safely say that while this Hyundai is still not on par with Honda or Toyota, it's for certain a much better car than any of my domestics ever were, which is why I'll never buy another one. I've already given them enough money and gotten junk in return.

I wanted a Honda Fit, but didn't want to spend $4000 dollars more than I did for the Accent, although it probably would have been worthwhile.

I get so tired of domestic owners making comments about imports that aren't true or factual. Here's the news: Honda makes the best 4 and 6 cylinder engines in the world. Period. Ford, Chevy? Don't make me laugh. Not even in the same realm. And Honda's engines are only rivalled, maybe, by Toyota's; their 22re was and is legendary, and the 1.5 liter they put in the Tercels, Corolla's, and now in the Yaris is just as good.

Now that the discussion is above and beyond domestic garbage, I can continue.

The Hyundai I bought is impressive; the build quality is fantastic. This is a SOLID little car, as much as I can judge it in the first 4835 miles, (not like a Chevy, which feels like junk from minute ONE). Filled up today, last tank of gas gave me a shade under 36 mpg.

11th Sep 2008, 23:39

The new 4-cylinder GM compacts easily deliver fuel mileage in excess of 35 miles per gallon, and do it very smoothly, very reliably and with the peace of mind of a 100,000 mile warranty.

Even Hyundai, which is currently a far better car than Toyota, has a 100,000 mile warranty. It's hard to understand why cars that are supposedly so superior, such as Toyota and Honda, still offer very short warranties.

My best friend drives a 2005 Accent and it is a very good car. However, even he will admit that my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am is a limousine in ride and a Ferrari in power and handling in comparison.

Import owners who have owned one or two beaten-to-death used domestics are hardly in a position to pass judgement on the current batch of world-class vehicles from Ford, GM or Chrysler. I've driven a great number of new domestics and several imports. With the possible exception of the Honda Accord, no import has impressed me as being equal to the Fusion, LaCross or Malibu in build quality, ride and performance.

13th Sep 2008, 10:12

As a small business owner I find the logic of comment 15:45 very flawed. No business is going to risk huge losses by offering warranties that will require numerous repairs at the manufacturer's expense. Conversely, no company that has confidence in their product's reliability is going to be hesitant to offer a longer warranty. The reason Toyota has a very poor warranty probably has to do with the many problems that manufacturer has had in recent years.

Businesses do all they can to hold down costs, whether it be by not offering a good warranty on a less-than-reliable product, or purchasing vehicles for company use that do not require frequent repairs. Our family's company uses trucks and vans. There is not a Tundra in the entire fleet. Most of the trucks are Fords, and the vans are pretty much divided between Ford, Chevy and Dodge. Reliability has not been a problem with any of them.

18th Oct 2008, 17:33

For those who commented that they will only buy American made vehicles, you are in luck. The Hyundai Sonata, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, and dozens of other so called "imports" are made in North America. Stay away from the Ford Fusion, Dodge Journey, Saturn Astra, all the small cars from GM because they are not made here.

It's a confusing position to take. 50% of the vehicles made in North America are what are referred to as the new domestics.

Just buy what you like and forget about patriotism if you don't do take time to do your homework.

19th Oct 2008, 12:45

It takes no "homework" to know that Ford, GM and Chrysler are American companies, just as it is blatantly obvious that Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc. are NOT. Buying an American company's PRODUCTS benefits America, regardless of outsourcing of labor. This is a very common mistake made by import owners.

19th Oct 2008, 21:37

10:12 Well, you see, your argument falls apart the second you claim that Ford, GM, and Dodge DON'T have problems with reliability. They do. And regardless of the handful of Big 3 owners that like to try and sell them on the Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai threads on this site, the rest of the country knows that the Big 3 DO in fact have serious issues with quality (lack of it) and reliability, which is exactly why the 3 imports that I have mentioned have grown to such proportions in the good, old, U.S.A. Americans are TIRED of buying junk from Ford, GM, and Dodge.

More Toyota Camry's were sold in the States last year than all Dodge cars COMBINED. A lot more. I've worked for several HVAC companies, and all of them used Big 3 vans and large trucks. Do you know why? ONLY because Toyota and Honda don't make large trucks and cargo vans. That's it. And they all went to the garage in a constant rotation.

The most mechanically gifted guy I ever worked for repaired all of the trucks in his fleet himself. Brilliant guy. He also said that if Toyota made vans and large trucks, he'd sell every one of his Fords and GM's the next day and replace the entire fleet. Of course.

As far as the largest trucks Toyota DOES make; the new Tundra is JD Power's truck of the year. Of course.

20th Oct 2008, 11:57

I would agree that Toyota and Honda are reliable cars, as are Chevrolet and Chrysler.

Nevertheless I do take the view that Hyundai & Kia are second rate whichever way you cut it.

21st Oct 2008, 21:07

13:57 Yes, JD Power does have truck of the year. Best large truck of the year was the Toyota Tundra. Not a Ford, obviously. It's in their latest report. Maybe JD Power doesn't exist at all and I imagined it.

22nd Oct 2008, 07:47

11:57 Toyota and Honda are reliable cars. The most reliable in fact. This new Accent is much better built than any domestic, new or old though. Chevy's, and especially Chryslers are third rate at best. I've owned them all, and the only reason I switched to Hyundai after 15 years as a Toyota owner was price. The Accent was a few thousand cheaper, but I know that any Toyota is still a better car. Ford and GM won't ever enter my mind again as an option to buy. I've been down that road before and had my wallet emptied every time. No thanks. Toyota was making a better product 30 years ago than GM does today, and after 7000 miles in this new Hyundai, it's clear that they've far surpassed the domestics.