1st Jan 2009, 14:11

Please address the sludging, uneven combustion temperatures, premature brake failure, premature steering failure, premature front suspension failure, electrical fires, computer failures, fuel system failures, oil leaks and several dozen issue Toyota has had lately before referring to ANY domestic as "crap".

2nd Jan 2009, 19:29

Hyundai = South Korean econo boxes, basic A-B transport (especially the case with the dowdy accent model)

All the other manufacturers mentioned are mainstream - of course the US government should support the big 3 (it will only be a short-term measure IMO)

Well just my 2 cents..

3rd Jan 2009, 00:17

14:11 Same tired old argument by domestic owners. Listing problems Toyota has never had, problems they've remedied years ago, and exaggerating the severity and frequency of them.

Anybody who does any research at all will discover that Ford, GM, and Dodge have always had, and still have, WAY more problems per 100 cars (and FAR more lawsuits and class-action suits against them) than Toyota, Honda, and even Hyundai.

The facts are as follows: new Toyota cars and trucks make fewer trips to the garage than any domestic, break down less, and have been rated (for many years) as being more reliable and of higher quality than Ford, GM, or Dodge cars overall. Your opinions do not change these facts. Sorry if you don't accept this as fact, but it still remains as fact.

Claiming that your neighbor's Toyota had problems does not change these facts. Claiming that you owned a "bad" Toyota and your mythical Ford ran forever also does not change these facts. You see, when I buy, I prefer to ignore the opinions of biased domestic fans who are clearly in denial of the truth, and stick to information that presents itself as fact. And I DO research these things before I buy, which is why I make the logical decision to buy Toyota's, Honda's, and even my first Hyundai recently. This is my review. Research and FACT make it clear that any of those three are a better choice than any Ford, GM, or Dodge.

3rd Jan 2009, 23:46

Well this is the most number of biased comments I have ever seen on car survey. I can say that I own a Hyundai Accent, and this was after a LOT of research. The Accent was awarded with the award of most reliable car in America. This was in a survey of 250 models from 2005 and on, to find the vehicles with the lowest number of non regular maintenance service stops. Hyundai overall has also worked its way to be third in overall initial quality. This puts it behind 2 companies (Porsche and Lexus(not toyota, but Lexus) ) in fit and finish ext... overall the accent is an extremely dependable, comfortable, and economical car. No bias, straight forward.

I do say this, and I also disagree with people who say that the domestics are not good cars. My family owns literally every common make of vehicle to see one thing in common... Fords run forever, GM has REALLY bad ABS systems, and everything else is on par for reliability.

5th Jan 2009, 12:53

"Listing problems Toyota has never had"

You need to check out the Internet sites detailing these very real problems.

As for Hyundai, they were the first manufacturer with the confidence in their product to offer a decent warranty, which Honda and Toyota STILL refuse to match. In comparisons Hyundai has bested Toyota and deservedly so. The Koreans are doing a better job of quality control than the Japanese.

With regards to domestics, NOTHING touches the high quality of the new GM and Ford products... NOTHING. That's why I bought my wife a Fusion last Saturday.

5th Jan 2009, 21:32

I wrote the review, and now have about 12,000 miles on the car. Still perfect.

I am impressed with this car more and more as I put the miles on it. Hyundai really did their homework when it comes to design. They've managed to make a very inexpensive car, yet cut corners only where it doesn't matter. Absolutely nothing frivolous, but still lacks nothing for a compact car, in my opinion.

For $11,000, I have a car that gets between 32 and 40 mpg, is loaded with airbags, has a comfortable interior, which by the way, can carry a lot stuff with the seats folded down; I've had two mountain bikes stuffed in there with the hatch shut... a very good stock sound system, and the build quality is nothing short of excellent. I've owned much more expensive cars that were less fun to drive and less comfortable.

Let it warm up for 30 seconds in cold weather and it makes good heat, the A/C is good, the rear defroster in the hatch window works nicely.. this would still be an impressive car for a few thousand dollars more. The various compartments and cupholders are arranged nicely.

After owning 3 consecutive Toyota's, it takes a LOT to impress me and no other car (other than a Honda of course) has been able to get my attention. I was ready to go straight to the Toyota dealership and leave in a new Yaris, but I researched Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda, and for the price, the Accent is as good a buy as the other two. If it manages to simply never break down, like all my Toyota's, I'll be able to rank it right up there with them... if, like my previous Toyota's, the engine still sounds and runs like new at 175,000 miles... time will tell.

6th Jan 2009, 12:26

"Again, this is my review, and I'm thrilled with my Accent, but I don't know where you guys are getting this stuff about Hyundai being rated higher than Japanese cars, because it isn't out there."

Yes, it IS out there. Motor Trend did a comparison of the Camry, Accord, Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and VW Passat in 2008. The Sonata beat out both Camry AND the "perfect" Accord. In 2006 Car and Driver did a 4-car comparison with the Sonata, Fusion, Camry and Accord. Sonata beat out the Camry (which came in dead LAST).

Numerous sources are acknowledging that the Hyundai Genesis outperforms Lexus, BMW and Mercedes in most areas, and certainly ANYTHING with a Honda or Toyota badge. Hyundai is also not afraid to offer a 100,000 mile warranty, which NO Japanese imports have the confidence to do, though GM does.

Since Toyota's reliability has plunged, even Consumer Reports shows fewer problem areas with the Sonata than they do for the Camry.

10th Jan 2009, 07:38

It's more like EVERYTHING surpasses the "quality" of new or old GM and Ford products. I can't believe you bought a Ford car. Look at ALL past Ford cars. Did you not do ANY research at all? Look into recalls, lawsuits, safety issues, design flaws... Ford cars have more of them than ANYone else. All because somebody made the mistake of giving a Ford car a good INITIAL quality rating. Wait till it starts falling apart like the Contour, Taurus...well, all Ford cars really.

To another commenter, I hope you're right about how high Hyundai quality is, because I bought this new Accent. However, Hyundai is certainly not proven in quality like any Toyota or Honda is. Only time will tell. So far, it's perfect just like all my Toyota's were. If it's still perfect after another 150,000, then I'll agree. They may have gotten the ratings to beat Toyota, but they haven't filled their shoes yet. Only many years and many miles of trouble-free driving will prove it. I hope you're right.