14th Feb 2011, 13:09

OK guys still waiting for my yellow smiley face on my write up... you have a white straight face now... I really do like this 2011 Hyundai Accent car... Thanks.

14th Feb 2011, 17:41

Global warming? We are having the harshest winter in like, ever and you speak of global warming?? Also who lives in the desert and buys a car with no A/C? That's like buying a car without wheels man! Come on!

They got you in on the 7995 hook, and you might complain, but its not illegal. The price advertised is assuming you qualify for all rebates and pay tax, title and licence down. It's a really shady way to do business, but let's face it, who ever speaks of a car dealership being honest? LMAO.

The A/C kits for these cars are pretty inexpensive ($1000) and include all components to make it cool inside. Your shady dealer could install it in less than a day.

Best of luck man and stay cool... LOL.

14th Feb 2011, 18:23

Update on my original review... just saw a picture of the new 2012 Accent... boy is that new model beautiful... and interior is incredible... it will be at dealership around April of 2011... am I disappointed in not waiting... no way... the new model is so pretty that the sticker and add on sticker from the dealer will be through the roof... probably 13,000 to 15,000 for a base model... with the top of the line going for 18,000...

The article says that the new cars will have a smaller but more efficient engine with better mileage... it will be a 1.4... and a larger engine later as a option... Also, the new cars will have the mandatory anti-sliding system... which should include some type of braking ABS and traction control system.... that is required by the government for all cars starting with the 2012 models.....

15th Feb 2011, 07:06

The smiley faces are not set manually. They're based on the numerical scores you've given, and the answer to the question "Would you buy another car from this manufacturer?".

Your numerical scores were quite low, and that's causing the face to be neutral as opposed to happy.

If you'd like to adjust your numerical scores, email me, and I'll make the changes for you.

Best Wishes, Steven Jackson, CSDO Media Limited


19th Feb 2011, 08:16

Try Hyundaipartswholesale.com. They have all the A/C parts, but not sure what it would cost totaled up. They also go up to 2010, but it is probably the same unit, or you could call and talk to someone about it. Most look to be about $1,200 or so that I have found, other than this one.

19th Feb 2011, 19:22

Update on my review.

For the comment from the person that said that the Hyundai was the best car he ever had... you will get no argument from me... if you feel it's the best car you have ever had... go with it... I hope you are right... because I am new to the Hyundai family...

Looking at the comments on this website, it seems to me people have very few problems with the car or a lot of problems with car... I hope I am in the first group with you and the others...

Also, about the A/C kit... I am not sure where you would get a kit from... I plan to drive my 1989 Honda Civic in the hotter months here from July through September where it gets to be 105/106 degrees... enough to fry a egg on your car... Also, since this Hyundai model design came out in 2006... I would think that all kits would fit it..... since the 2006 design makeover... I don't think the car has changed much... also for the $1000.00 I am not sure on that either...

From the person on the global warming problem... I meant it as a giggle... but at the same time I would like to say that the desert heat in the summer has been the worst I have ever seen... but in the same token... the winters have been colder and windier in these last 2-3 years... maybe global warming is the wrong wording on it... maybe it should be global changing.. I am not sure... but in any case... the last few years have not always been pleasant.... especially the high winds.... I hope it goes back to normal... which is about 100-102... and a lot less colder and windier in the winter months

12th Jun 2011, 18:48

Update on my original review...

The Accent has been running real well... no problems with it so far. Also wanted to add that my base car has standard power steering that I didn't include in my standard features list on my original review... My Honda Civic could really use that feature... I have the tires pumped up to 50psi to move the steering wheel...

Also complained to the corporate office about other small problems I have had. The dealership denied my assurance package that came with the car because they said I was retired, and the assurance package was for working people only. The corporate office backed them up... sounded very odd to me.

Also complained that the car they sold me was some type of returned car... they called it a special name that I can't remember. The dealership told me that it was a new car... but it wasn't.

Also complained that they promised to fix some small dents on the car... but then they wouldn't... again, corporate office backed them up again... so don't expect the corporate office to go against the dealership.

Also found out the A/C kit at the dealership was about 1254.00 before tax. Asked them if they could get one... the dealership said it's up to the corporate office if they would release any more A/C kits... but at this time none were available... again very odd.

Finding out that the Hyundai corporation has their own way of doing things... but once you buy something nowadays, sometimes you are on your own... luckily the car has been great so far...

13th Jun 2011, 08:48

You seem very contradictory about his car. You claim it is great, but then go on about the dealer and manufacturer refusing to help you with problems you are having.

Also, you bought a stripper car and then want AC on it. Why didn't you just get one with AC already on it? If this car was indeed returned, it was probably because the other owner wanted AC on it, and realized it after the fact. To spend over $1,200 on it is going to be throwing money out the window on a now used car. Consider yourself lucky they refused to find a unit for you.

13th Jun 2011, 13:04

A lot things in life are a contradiction. In this case you can have a good car, but not so good a dealership that sold it... at least in my case... that's life in the big city... and I accept it...

Also, if you read the original review... the car was 8490.00 before tax and funny fees... and moving up to a air conditioned one was going to be between 12,000 to 13,000 with air and other small trim upgrades. That's a difference of about $3500 - 4500... depending on trim and options on the air conditioned one...

Also on the air conditioning kit... I don't intend on getting a A/C kit... but was curious on the cost and labor of it for my update, or in case I hit the Lotto. I have also learned that a few things in life are free... and asking is one of them...