13th Jun 2011, 15:24

Okay, I see your points.

14th Jun 2011, 13:37

I can totally sympathize with this reviewer. Buying a low priced car for many of us is a necessity, and sometimes we have to make sacrifices. I know I do. Buying a stripper car with no air saves thousands. If you are on a tight budget, you have to think about every penny. My car has air, but I run it as little as possible because it cuts my gas mileage by 4 mpg, and I am on a tight budget myself. I enjoy the wind in the open windows, and on one recent trip on the interstate I rolled the windows down and turned the air off. It was 95 degrees, but it was very bearable. My fuel mileage went up to 38.3 on that trip.

As for dealers, bad dealers can sell good cars. I have had horrible experience with Chrysler dealers, but the cars themselves have been great cars. I currently drive Fords, and our local Ford dealer is so bad I drive an extra 20 miles to a better one if I need any dealer service.

One of my best friends bought a stripper Accent with no air a few years back at a real bargain price, and it has been a really great car. It's at nearly 100,000 miles now, and he has not had a single problem with it. The models without air get better gas mileage because of less weight and less drag on the engine. He gets over 40mpg on the highway.

16th Jun 2011, 15:43

To the original poster: you might try calling some of the local aftermarket A/C installers in your area. Maybe they can put one on your car. I know they quoted me $1000 for an underdash A/C unit for my '68 el Camino two years ago.

20th Jun 2011, 16:35

Thanks for the info... I don't intend on getting a A/C conditioning kit... but you never know what the future will bring...

29th Jun 2011, 17:00

Stripper cars are history now. Even new, basic cars classified as small subcompacts can't be found for less than $14,000. Add a few options and they can go well over $20,000. It may be a bit cheaper in the U.S. as I live in Canada. However, the days of the basic and cheap Accent, Yaris, and Versa are gone.

The have all increased significantly in size and price. I'm sure even the new Yaris is due for an increase in size and price. The new Versa will be the cheapest new car in North America, but even it can't be found for less than $10,000. My understanding is that a basic model will cost $14,000 in Canada, and $10,900 in the U.S. Air conditioning is now standard.

30th Jun 2011, 13:50

I would like to agree with you on many of your points... you have great ones... but as long as these basic cars battle each other for business... there will always be stripper models. The dealerships lobby for these cars... they are the perfect bait and switch cars... getting people into the dealership so the salesman can do their magic on a unsuspecting person or family.

As for the under $10,000... you are correct... those days are gone... recently while reviewing some of the new Honda 2012 models... the bait and switch was right there... the Honda Civic DX model with no air.. MSRP price was 17,365... wow.. now that's a expensive stripper... but that price could have been their dealership MSRP, which to me should be DSRP not MSRP... no wonder the Fit sales are through the roof.. its base model comes with air for about 17,000.. but try to find one.

I hope the day comes when all basic cars have at least a radio, A/C and cruise control.. I just don't think it's going to happen for a while.

Many manufacturers have these stripper models with no air and no radio... but would rather you not know they make them. They are great to get people into the showroom floors, and when they have their big newspaper sales day on the weekends.. it keeps the local balloon man in business.

Also the new 2012 Hyundai Accent stripper model will be the GLS model without air or radio, but comes with the updated 6 speed and traction control. Will it be close to 10,000?... Not even close....

1st Jul 2011, 14:34

Sadly, like Ford, Honda and others Hyundai is abandoning basic cars entirely. My best friend wants a very basic, inexpensive car with no frills. That has left him with only one choice: The Nissan Versa. It is the only vehicle that he can find for under $12,000 with air. We checked our local Hyundai dealer and found that the cheapest Accent on the lot was well over $16,000. The Ford Fiestas were $17,000-$19,000, and the Focuses were $19,000-$26000. The Civics were likewise outrageously priced. It's no wonder the Versa is outselling every car in its class. It's the ONLY basic car sold in America. When a Focus costs more than a Mustang, most folks will opt for the Mustang.

5th Jul 2011, 13:25

The Nissan Versa sounds like a outstanding deal at $12,000. Here in California the OTD price would be around $13680. A still reasonable price for a new car with air. With the 1.6 engine, it would be a good around the town car or in an area that has flat terrain... With the 1.8 engine, it could even tackle a few hills and would be a better overall choice. Driving the manual would be a plus.

I have had Nissans in the past. Great cars as long as they are not abused and have a single drivers... at least in my case with them.

The only problem I see is that here in California, small gas efficient cars are flying off the dealership lots, and finding one for 12,000 with air would not be easy. At least in my area.