2nd Sep 2009, 10:00

Check the axle shafts/ the boot may be still intact, but I've seen the outer joint, or inner for that matter, still be bad and it causes noise when a load is on the engine (ex. accelerating or decelerating)

11th Sep 2009, 21:05

I bought my Hyundai Accent in 2002,I am the original owner. My first transmission went out at 82,000 miles. It was replaced with a rebuilt one, and then 1 1/2 yrs later in 2008 it went out. That was March of last year. Well now it is September 2009 and it has went out yet again. I am starting to realize that there is a manufacturer's defect in this. I am looking into what legal route I can take against Hyundai. Sure the car was cheap, but that does not make it right that there is obviously a problem with the transmission.

23rd Feb 2010, 15:29

I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent that I bought brand new. I drive a lot, and it now has over 172,000 miles on it. I have never had any trouble with it -- OK, once, I did need the ignition sensor (?) replaced. It has been a great and VERY reliable car for me. I do all the routine maintenance and drive sensibly. It has never let me down. I think people should stand up for this little car!!!

16th Mar 2010, 23:15

I have had my 2002 Accent since I bought it with 3 whole miles on it back in November of 2001, and am SHOCKED to see people talking such trash about an EXTREMELY RELIABLE vehicle. What more could you ask for, for a price of 7,200 with tax, it was on special then in 01'.

I have since put on 137,000 miles with ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES WHAT SO EVER! All original parts, with the exception of the water pump (replaced with timing belt at 60K), including the transmission and clutch (also original), basically all the major parts are original, and all the wearable items (tires, oil, filters, spark plugs, etc) replaced at required intervals.

This car far exceeded my expectations of how long it would last, never lets me down, fires right up every time, no noise, smoking, ANYTHING!

Recently took it on trip to North Dakota, no problems. This is an outstanding little car, paid for itself at least three times over by now. By the way, at 137,000+ miles, I still get almost 40MPG average.

MAINTAIN YOUR CARS and they will take care of you, shocking isn't it? This car has served this Sailor well, and still is to this day in 2010.

3rd Apr 2010, 08:18

I bought my 2001 Hyundai Accent brand new in Sept. of 2000 with only 2 miles on it right off the trailer.

In my opinion this has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Now granted it is not the automatic that everyone seems to be having troubles with, it is a manual tranny with a 5-spd.

I have done all of my own maintenance, such as timing belts, brakes, tires, struts, oil changes, and other normal wear and tear items, and the car now has 267,312 miles on it. If that's not a test as to how well this little car has served me, I don't know what is.

It's still running very strong with no smoke or unusual noises. I will run this little car until it goes no more.

26th Apr 2010, 15:37

I recently bought a 2001 Accent, and since then the transmission has been shifting hard between the first and second gear. It has 133 000 km on it. I really regret buying it, because I can't trust it.

10th Sep 2010, 11:38

Have issues with the dash lights and the radio. Bought this car used as a first car for my daughter. From what I've read so far - there are no fuses for these in the actual fuse panel. Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions on how to fix? I am not mechanically inclined... thanks.

30th Apr 2011, 17:33

You were saying trouble between second and third... my daughter's car had same problem... if you have time and patience, take the shifting cables off the tranny and apply lots of oil and grease. There is a tiny square piece of plastic on the shifting mechanism; try and put lots of grease on this.

2nd May 2011, 16:18

People who maintain their own cars well generally get great service from them. Dealerships and shops routinely tell people they need unnecessary and expensive repairs in order to make money. By being savvy about your car, you can avoid this type of waste. I virtually never replace brake pads before 100,000 miles, and I have never had a front-end alignment done on any domestic car I've ever owned (I have on Japanese cars due to unibody sag). We have put over 240,000 miles on a Dodge, 277,000 miles on a Buick, and 325,000 miles on a Ford, all with virtually zero problems. Proper care and a little knowledge will keep a car going for a very long time.

The newer Hyundais are very well built cars, and long ago surpassed Toyota and Honda. They rank right up there with Ford now in build quality.

25th Oct 2014, 01:09

I know this was a cheap car, but since thousands of these cars are having early transmission problems, it should be recalled. Mine only has 56,000 on it and won't go out of reverse. It is a dangerous problem and should definitely be recalled. It is not just something that "broke" on a cheap car, it is a serious, dangerous mistake in the transmission that Hyundai made.

25th Oct 2014, 01:18

I maintain my 2002 Accent properly and in a very timely manner. I have since day one. This is obviously a major issue with MOST of the 2002 Hyundai Accent vehicles. It needs to be recalled. Something needs to be done. I had a 2003 Elantra, and it was great. Other than basic crap, like the plastic radiator had to be replaced and the timing belt earlier than most cars, but Hyundai timing belts do need to be replaced around 50,000.

You must be luck to have a 2002 Accent that isn't jerking when you stop and will also shift out of reverse. Mine is stuck in reverse at 58,000.

15th Apr 2015, 02:12

Would it not affect the gears if always left on O/D.

1st Jun 2015, 00:05

I have a 2008 Accent. I have had the oil changed as well as timing belts changed as recommended.

There is a serious issue with the transmissions in these cars still. At 130,000 miles the timing belt let go despite me changing it at 120,000 miles as recommended. It took the engine with it, so I had a new engine put in.

At 138,000 miles the transmission let go (4 months ago). I had the transmission replaced with a NEW one. This transmission let go after 3 months. It took the repair place a month to figure out what the issue was... they replaced the transmission with another new one. A month and 3 days later the transmission let go again. There is clearly still an issue with the transmissions on these cars, even in the newer models.