27th Dec 2005, 01:28

Thanks very much to people who responded to me on this Hyundai Accent (In my country it's called Hyundai Verna)

Just quite recently, Hyundai started to manufacture (or rather, assemble) Accents and Elantras (here called "Avante" with the price almost twice as much as Accent) and dealers are not yet fully equipped with spare parts. I learnt I have to replace the engine mount, but the part is not yet available to me!

The constant "hum" noise under rear seat starts when you turn on the ignition and cuts off when you stop the engine without moving the car. In any case I'll have to report this to the dealer when I pass the first service/check up during 1000/2000 Kms. The car is brand new and has only about 600 Kms on it.

As for the wheels, the rims were changed from 13" to 14" as recommended by dealer himself so if anything goes wrong with the warranty they should be responsible. Lucky I kept the standard rims and can replace them anytime, bearing of course, extra stupid costs for the purchase of alloy rims and larger tyres! Meanwhile, in one of these car reviews on the Internet I saw somewhere that you can go to 14" alloy rims without any indication of consequences.

On the engine noise, while I realize the extent of the noise coming from a small engine which in fact is not yet broken in, but I can feel that the insulation between engine compartment and interior is somehow poor.

My friends, thank you again for your comments and I wish you all safe and pleasant rides!

I would appreciate and welcome any further comments from you.

Best regards.

5th Apr 2006, 02:55

I think we are talking about two types of engine noise on this car:

1- Noise resulting from metal to metal contact and vibration due to improper engine mount on driver's side. I took the car to one of the Hyundai authorized repair shops and they said the suitable engine mount is not available for replacement. They put a piece of rubber between the engine mount and car's body and the noise was gone! Quickest and cheapest way to solve the problem isn't it?

2- Constant and steady engine noise during acceleration uphills or high speeds on freeways which I don't believe anyone can solve due to the poor design by the manufacturer.

Drive a Daewoo Cielo, having the same engine capacity (in fact,less horse power) with bigger body size and you never feel such bothersome noise.

8th Apr 2006, 02:51

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28th Feb 2008, 01:07

I'm Newton from Kenya and Hyundai accent is a good car, the engine needs some few attention to reduce the noise. The bumper paint runs out very fast on my car advice me on what paint to use on the bumper. Hyundai is good.