25th Sep 2008, 11:07

Hi all again.

Theres not much difference between the F2 and Evo, mainly a bit more power (it's well noticed though more torque) and better styling, but the interior is basically the same...

I had the F2, and I wish the Evo had the F2's alloys; I think they look better...

Just keep an eye on mechanical issues... brakes, wheel bearings and rusty pipes. If you do you will love and have this car for years...

I know there's not many Evos about now, so I am trying to get it back looking the way it was before I bought it... the Coupes are a wonderful car, don't get rid of them...

4th Nov 2008, 07:07

Hi all, Like most I have just bought a Hyundai F2 Evolution (99) with 26.000 on the clock for £3,000, which is amazing considering how old it is.

The bodywork is superb; a tiny stone chip on the front and that's it! I have looked around and can't find another for that price - I presume I got a bargain (service history is immaculate and yesterday I found a photo of a previous owner fixing a small steam engine, so if anyone knows of a previous Hyundai F2 owner who had a thing for steam engines, let us know.

18th Apr 2009, 10:05

Hi there, I have a F2 and I have noticed reading all the comments, that the wheel bearings seem to be a big problem.. I have been getting a noise coming from the back end of the car, and have been thinking it is a wheel bearing.. but on taking my car to the garage to have the rear discs and pads changed, the mechanic said about the noise, but doesn't seem to think it's a wheel bearing as when he checked by spinning the wheel, he said there was no noise or signs.. Does anyone know what this could be?

23rd Jul 2009, 13:08

Hi everyone,

I have just been looking at an F2 evo with 101k on the clock. The garage is asking £2500 on a W reg. After reading comments about bearings and brakes and the costs of parts I am in two minds to go ahead or not. Is this a common problem with these cars and are parts easy to come by? Any help would be very welcome many thanks.

4th Sep 2009, 11:36

Hey all. I thought I'd write this and make anyone who was considering or has got a F2/F2 EVO, aware of common errors.

To start with, I'll just say that they are utterly amazing cars. I have owned my F2 EVO for 2 years now and it just keeps going.

Fault 1: On the EVO, there is a rattle that comes from the boot lid pistons. They are too small for the cylinders and causes them to rattle. A touch of grease will sort this.

Fault 2: Brake calipers are not the best available. Mine have seized a few times. Best way around this is to either change the calipers to Brembo, which are far more consistent with the torque the car lays down, or switch to to carbon Kevlar brake pads. These last an awful lot longer and reduce seizing.

Fault 3: Manifold and CAT. On the EVO the cat and manifold are all one piece of kit. The manifold is prone to cracking due to immense heat created from the engine. This all depends on how you drive the car. It's more likely to crack if you put it on a track than potter around town in it. Also the cat has a tendency to collapse after a time. Usually around 100 000 miles. This isn't as bad as it sounds, because whichever goes first, you replace both parts at once. This at most will cost £500, so if you're quoted any more, you're being ripped off.

They are the only prone faults one this car, which is good compared to other cars. However, do not let this put you off buying one. You will get years of pleasure out of it, and to get a 10 year old car for £2500 that can chew up and spit out a Porsche 911 at the lights, that's a bargain in my book! If you get a choice, get the EVO over the standard F2. It has 22 more horse power and you can really tell. It's more stable and has a strengthened chassis, which makes it better in the corners. I bought mine and restored it back to show room condition as it looks far better than people tampering, and debadging and nonsense like that. Also check the number on the VIN plate under the bonnet, as there were 1513 made and the lower the number, the higher the future value. Mine is number 16, and as it stands is worth £8500, only spent £1000 on it. Which goes to show that old cars make money.

However it would beat most cars on the market today for daily driving and fun at the same time. It isn't ideal for the kids or the dog, but for anyone who appreciates what a car is about, I would say it is the perfect car.

6th Jan 2010, 15:25

Hi, I'm getting one of these in a few days, I went to have a look at one and instantly fell in love, they are really good looking cars. No photo I've seen has done it justice.

It was very comfortable, looks nice on the inside. I can't wait until I get it...

I was just wondering where a good place to start in terms on mods is? Hoping for the best price/BHP gain ratio. I've heard induction kits are a good start, and am looking at a K&N filter.

Another thing I've seen are those chips you see on eBay, they're so cheap. I don't know if I should trust them. Anyone had any experience with one of these?

6th Feb 2010, 16:52

Hi every F2 Evo owner. Love my Cobalt Blue V reg Evo. 75k on it with 1 former keeper and FSH.

Noticed 1 thing missing; the F2 Evolution chrome door sill kickplates. Anyone out there know of any... help please.

27th Feb 2010, 07:23

In response to comment left on 4th Sep 2009, 11:36 (should be the first comment at the top of this page)

Writer started off good with some very seemingly useful insights and solutions relating to common problems, which have been a pain, and a bit of a mystery for some owners (no solutions have been posted on this thread at least, so it is/was a welcome addition to the thread).

However the writers credibility is seriously called into question when he states the like of: it chews and spits out 911's??? And makes me wonder if the earlier glimmers of wisdom are also a figment of his/her imagination.

I've had Cosworths, a Volvo T5, Twin turbo 300zx and driven other fast cars, a normally aspirated 2.0 16v car such as the F2 Evo will not touch any of the above listed cars, let alone a 911.

Also the Bhp difference between the F2 and the F2 Evo is smaller than what he/she quoted.

I am considering buying one, (sorry to say this existing owners) only because there is one going at a good price, and I may be able to get a bargain, but never the less it does look good and seems to be a good all round car... I can't believe I spent 5 minutes on writing this comment, well it seems the car does evoke emotion!