14th Jun 2003, 17:17

If you are having trouble with the alarm going off when the sun roof or windows are slightly open try the following.

When you arm the alarm with window/sunroof open first press the large button on the remote followed by the small button.

This deactivates the interior movement sensor, but leaves everything else on. Hope this helps.

16th Jun 2003, 15:02

I did not have any problems with alarm yet. I like the car, it is good almost best thing before M3 for its price.

1st Apr 2004, 03:32

Yes the car does wheelspin off the mark - because the traction control only kicks in when one wheel (not both) is spinning. This is better than the traction control kicking in and bogging the car down, which happens on other manufacturers cars.

I think the handling is excellent, have never had a problem with the back end skipping out - it's very neutral. And I've thrown it round bends pretty hard. It's far better than other so called performance cars I've driven, especially on very high speed (70mph+) corners.

The fuel tank is 55 litre, not 66 litre although the fuel economy is not great. The car doesn't warm up particularly quickly so tends to be uneconomical for short runs.

2nd Apr 2004, 02:08

My coupe had alarm problems when I took delivery last December, on it`s second time back at the dealer they discovered the internal sensors had been set at maximum. Cold weather affects this more for some reason, so the alarm kept going off. The dealer had to remove the dash to get to control box, but know I have no problems at all JUST A SUPERB CAR.

30th Sep 2004, 06:28

I have a V6 coupe, and the clutch has gone at exactly 30000 miles. Its not covered on the Warranty as Hyundai say that a clutch is only covered for 12,000 miles!

It cost me £1167 to fix - £600 of that was labour!

I'm concerned as this is a 6 gear car, and I think this clutch was developed for a 5 gear engine!

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

GAS conversion.

I'm about to have a Romano Gas conversion on my 2.7 V6. It will cost £2100, and they say performance will be around 90% of the petrol version.

Has anyone else had a gas conversion?

Also... I'm a bit dubious about the size of the tank because I managed to get 58 litres in the other day and it wasn't quite empty! it came to £48.90 for 1 fill up! I suspect it is actually 60 litres.

Anyway... very soon I will be filling up my 100 litre gas tank at half the cost!!!

1st Jul 2005, 12:25

I have a new 2.7 V6. I had the car converted to gas before I picked it up.

Running with gas you do notice a slight loss of torque, but it is still very quick.

The fuel economy is around 20mpg on gas (less than 10 round town and usually over 30mpg on a run.

The gas conversion is definitely worth the cash as I travel around 50k a year.

I'm now thinking of having the car superchiped and race tuned as it doesn't really seem that quick.

It will do 0-60 in around 8.5 and about 130mph at a push, which I think for a 2.7 V6 doing less than 5mpg with your foot planted is quite slow.

If anyone else has noticed their's not really performing over 115mph please let me know cos it might be just mine.

Hope this helps a bit.

7th Sep 2005, 06:43

Since I wrote my last comment on 1st July 2005 I have had the car tuned, added a free flow after-market induction kit of which includes a 5 inch cold air intake. The car now seems like it can rev and breath more easily. I have got the 0-60 down to 7.9 and the top speed is now 145mph so its quite an improvement from before. If you would like to know what kit I used email me at


5th Nov 2007, 16:00

I have run a BMW 318ti Mspec for three years, and have driven it over 50000km, town and country, here in NZ.

The performance of the BM, in tight hilly country, always left me feeling disappointed. My first drive of a Hyundai 2002 FX V6 2.7 Coupe, put a smile on my face which has only got wider after having gone out and bought one.

The seating I have found to be most comfortable and supportive when travelling at high speed. Road holding and braking are superb, particularly in the wet. The suspension I feel is a little firm, with perhaps too little travel.

Fuel consumption varies according to the pressure of the right foot, but compares favorably to other like performance cars.

The styling of this car has made other manufacturers I'll bet turn a shade of green.

When you add up the three way sun roof, the excellent tiptronic gear box, the large boot storage, the quiet smoothness of the 2.7 ltr engine, the very good dash and control layout, and not the least the very good (although not startling) performance of the car on the road, at such an affordable price, this is a serious sports car, and I say show me one better!!

Finally, in discussion with various teams of maintenance people, I have discovered that the name Hyundai is highly respected as producing a top product, requiring minimum maintenance for solid reliable motoring.

9th Dec 2007, 04:49

I have a 2002 Coupe and bought it as my wife thought it was 'pretty'. She also did not want to, but the M3 I have always dreamed of. I have been pleasantly surprised by the car as it looks more expensive than it actually is. Performance is not fantastic, but I rarely go to work on a race track so it does not matter. Fuel economy is acceptable (just!) and it serves me well and I have never needed anything else from the car. I check the levels every week and in two months and 4k miles, I have never had to top up. If you can get over the H on the front, buy one and you will be surprised.

21st Feb 2010, 13:32

I've owned my 2.7l Coupe for 9 months now, 33k on the clock.

The tailgate rattles a bit on bumpy roads, and a yellow warning light keeps showing (lambda sensor).

It gets lots of looks from young ladies too, they think it's a red Ferrari? And it sounds like one too.

Wheelspins a lot on wet roads, because of its 181 ft/lb torque.

Great little car, smooth engine with a fabulous roar...

23rd Apr 2011, 16:57

I am the owner of a 2.7ltr coupe. The yellow warning light was in fact a faulty oxygen sensor, that I bought from the Hyundai main dealer; the warning light never shows any more. The sensor had to be replaced, as the car failed the M.O.T on high emissions, but with the new sensor fitted it passed straightaway.

I've owned the coupe for two years now with absolutely no problems at all. Smashing little car, and I won't sell it ever. It might not have good 'badge' on the bonnet, but I always feel good when I'm behind the wheel. It only does 23 to 24mpg around town, but it is 2.7 litre, and its torquey engine is a pleasure.

5th Oct 2012, 15:09

Yes, the clutch is slipping on my Hyundai Coupe V6 2.7 litre after only 45500 miles. The problem is it has a dual mass clutch rather an ordinary type; this is to stop vibration. A lot of cars built after 2001 have these fitted. Mine is costing me 800 pounds and that's at an ordinary garage. The mechanic said they are a bad idea due to the cost, and that they don't last very long. My advice is check out the clutch price before you buy your next car, or buy an automatic. Good luck fellow car drivers.

27th Mar 2015, 22:01

Yes, the clutch started to slip on my 2.7 Coupe too at only 45,000 miles. You must have had a new clutch fitted at the main dealer, because mine cost me exactly 800 pounds at my local garage in October 2012, and it had to have a dual mass flywheel fitted also (DMF), as the mechanic showed me the slack. It was a lovely little car, but I sold it in May 2014 because it cost me a fortune in fault repairs. Maybe this car is not suited to town work, which I and the first owner did...