2011 Hyundai Elantra GL 1.8 from North America


Amazing car!


I have not had anything wrong with the car.

General Comments:

I am absolutely floored by this car. For a car of this class, it has features and options that are standard on the car that are not even available as options with the competition. The door panels hardly have any gaps, the interior is amazing. The blue lighting inside looks amazing. There is a lot of leg room in the back. The trunk is as large as an Accord. I have two car seats in the back, and we can still have a person sit in between the car seats; although probably not a wise idea on a long journey.

The car on its first trip on the highway from the dealer, showed that it was using only 7.6l/100km. That was on a very short trip, I am sure it will be in the low 6 if not below the 6l/100km mark on a longer highway trip.

I have noticed that Hyundai has paid attention to details; the doors and trunk close with a thump, the paint job looks quite decent, but time will tell. The doors are quite heavy for a compact car. The glove compartment is very large, larger than most cars that I have owned previously. I love the bluetooth, it actually understands the numbers as I call them out. I love playing the songs off the USB.

It has a sealed transmission, it does not have a dip stick to check the transmission oil. The transmission oil is recommended to be replaced every 100,000kms.

Whoever has seen the car, has said it looks beautiful. I have got compliments from little kids to people my grandfather's age.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2011

4th Feb 2011, 18:51

Congratulations on a really awesome car. I just checked out one of these and I have to give credit to Hyundai for becoming one of the best auto makers on the planet. I don't buy cars made by foreign manufacturers but if I ever do it will most likely be a Hyundai. They are now so far ahead of Toyota that there is no comparison, and the new Elantra makes the new Civic look old.

2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring 2.0 from North America


Coolant leak at 7000 Km, fixed under warranty - no issues with dealer service.

General Comments:

Comfortable, tons of cargo space, handling, braking and acceleration in all respects feel like a clone of a 2004 Honda Civic I used to drive. Unlike the said Honda, it has a much nicer interior, it is a station wagon, and it comes loaded with goodies like AC, power windows, key-less entry, cruise etc in a base model.

My only gripe is the fuel consumption. I'm averaging 11 L/100Km city, which is a far cry from the advertised 8.7 L/100Km city. I bought this car as a commuter to save on gas, had I known that the difference between the advertised and real world numbers is 20%, I would have paid the higher initial price and gone with the competition.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010

24th Mar 2011, 15:17

I have a 2010 Touring Sport (American SE), and am getting around 9.5-10L/100kms around town as well. For the size and amount of "pep" it has, I won't complain too much. It has more space than some SUVs, without the premium in gas consumption or fuel economy.

12th Jan 2012, 01:56

This is very interesting, because in Europe this Elantra touring is called the I30cw, and Elantra is a completely different interior and exterior car.

22nd Mar 2012, 23:19

Sorry, but the advertised 8.7 L/100 Km city is in 1.8 or 1.6 liter engine, while you have the 2.0 liter engine, which is big enough to consume much more gas in an average city trip, so 11 L / 100 km is fair enough...

4th Sep 2014, 20:05

The Elantra Touring only comes with a 2L engine and is listed as 8.7 L/100km city and 6.5 L/100km highway on the Hyundai Canada website:


19th Feb 2015, 00:13

Fuel consumption in city driving can vary greatly depending on the traffic lights number, traffic speed, and so on. I would expect from a mid size sedan a good 9-11l/100km, or more if there are more passengers or during the cold season.

22nd Dec 2016, 01:59

I have owned a 2011 Elantra Touring GLS for 3 years now, and the fuel consumption I am getting is far superior to what the reviews here describe. The vehicle has a 5 speed manual transmission, which I use to great advantage. My fuel consumption, even with the A/C at full blast is +/- 7.5 L/100 km in the city, and 5.7 L/100km highway driving. Three cheers for Hyundai!