23rd May 2009, 09:30

I have owned Elantra X20 for 5 months, lowest fuel consumption is 10.5KM/L, average is 11.4KM/L for town driving. Normally could reach 500-520KM for 45 Litres petrol for town driving. If highway then easily can hit 600KM. I know few other Elantra X20 owners and they have also hit 10-12KM/L for fuel consumption for town driving. Very surprised your fuel consumption is as low as 8KM/L, which only has 352KM for 44Litres. Your car should be checked.

The engine is bit noisy in the morning during the first 2 minutes after startup, when it is warmed up, it would be much quieter. And hardly can hear the engine noise in the cabin until RPM goes near 3000.

Personally feel very good car to own at such a price.

Very comfortable drive and also for passengers, suspension's shock absorption is good, steady on highway. Drove 140KM/H on highway is not feeling nothing, must drive at 160KM/H only feel fast. I drove 180KM/H on highway for few times.

If your budget is around RM 90K, please this 2.0 car. With this price, the power and space is better than buying Vios, City at RM 80 over thousand. I have no regret for buying this car :)

24th Jul 2009, 21:11

I got my Hyundai Elantra Incus Sports Edition just 2 months ago.. I'm the 1st and the ones in Tawau to have the car & the 2nd in Sabah, but 1st to have the VS-Style rim than another one.. hahaa! Just like to say, my car is so nice looking, luxurious, spacious, economical, powerful & safest to drive! ;)

20th Aug 2009, 02:25


I am one of the Hyundai Elantra owners here also..

Have owned this car for 1.5 years..

So far everything is good in terms of engine performance, alignment and etc etc..

But noted only one thing - slightly noisy wheel while traveling on the road..

But believe this is the tyre type/brand attached to the car.. no problem if you switch to another brand.. ;)

With a full tank of 53 litres.. the fuel consumption can last for 11 days (inclusive weekend) from my home (Puchong) to office (Port Klang) only. From Puchong to Johor Bharu (to and from) only manage to reached 650km..

Glad to had this good car.. No regrets owning it..

I LOVE YOU X20... :)

22nd Aug 2012, 22:27

Do you know what is the average maintenance service cost for an Elantra X20 in Malaysia?

29th Oct 2014, 06:08

I've owned an X20 from 2009 until today. The mileage about 70,000 km. The car is still serving me well.

Last time when my wife wanted to trade in her Vios for a new car, we actually planed to swap it with my Hyundai X20, but after a few weeks with the Vios, I decided to trade the Vios. The driving feeling is totally different; it's stable and powerful on highway drives. I love this car.

13th Dec 2014, 12:17

Hi, can I get your email address? There are some questions would like to ask you about the X20. Cheers ^o^

2nd Jan 2015, 18:01

Hi sir, do you mind giving me your email address too? My email address is simonwongaw@gmail.com. You can just send me an email, I will be really thankful.

Just want to ask about your X20 driving experience, because right now, I am planning to buy a used 2nd car X20 from 2008. I need your expert advice.