14th Nov 2010, 14:58

I own a 2007 Elantra, and after 100,000 miles of driving so far, I have no real complaints for it. Including any noise complaints. My Elantra is a bit noisy on the highway, but that's because it has a manual transmission and highway RPM's are very high. However road noise is minimal. I have driven an automatic transmission Elantra, and it was far quieter than mine on the highway due to lower RPM's, but the road noise was the same.

15th Nov 2010, 11:45

I refuse to buy cars built by foreign companies because I prefer to help our own economy, however I have to admit that Hyundai has become a true world-class car maker. I've driven a new Sonata, and I'd take it hands-down over the problem-plagued Camry, Accord or Altima.

21st Nov 2010, 09:41

Regarding the post above, you won't find a car that has 100 percent American parts, devices, and equipment on it ; IE: The 2000 Hyundai Sonata I owned had German Bosch electronics / Mercedes suspension / and Porsche steering I think it was. All a car 'manufacturer' is, is an assembly plant using many American and foreign vendors.

21st Nov 2010, 21:24


I totally agree with the previous comment. I drove a 2010 Camry for about a month when our 2001 Camry got totaled when it hit a deer. Neither Camry was a joy to drive. I personally am a Ford man; the family has had three Tauruses and an Escort in the last two decades, and I am purchasing a fourth Taurus soon. That commercial with the family man who has five Camrys makes me crack up every time I see it because I think to myself, "Who would want FIVE Camrys?" Don't worry - my retribution is when I tell people about my four Fords and they bend over laughing. For more information, go to the 2010 Camry surveys on here and look for the one whose title is something like "If This is Toyota's mainstream model, It Needs Work" that I wrote about my 2010 Camry rental. For the record, I can go visit family and drive rentals and borrow people's cars until it comes out of my ears, but I'm always happy to come home to my Taurus.

Anyway, I liked the Elantra. I will consider it in the future. If the road noise bothers you too much, turn up the satellite radio.

5th Feb 2011, 08:26

I bought my wife a 2010 Elantra GLS to replace a 1999 Dodge Stratus. The Elantra was compared to: Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mit. Lancer, Mazda 3.. other than the Lancer, nobody could give the same warranty..

This is a car that might see 10,000 miles a year, if that much. We went to the GLS for some of the extra options on it & a quieter car too. I'm 6'-0" & near 300 Lbs, and I settle in pretty good for a small car. I'm accustom to my Grand Marquis LS.

For the price of the Elantra, I think it is a really good deal. For now, ask me when it has 100,000 miles on it.

6th Feb 2011, 20:51

I bought a 2010 Hyundai Elantra SE 6 months ago and I have been very disappointed since day one. This is the bounciest car that I have ever driven. It is very uncomfortable. I took it to the dealer who told me, "that's just the way the car is" and I would have to deal with it.

I can't wait to trade it in.

10th Sep 2014, 00:11

I have a 2010 Elantra, and there is a lot of road noise on the freeway. More, I think, than there was with my 2003 model. Having a conversation in the front seats is not a problem if you remember to speak up a little, but if you want to talk to someone in the back, turn the radio off and shout... and hope the back-seat talkers are willing to shout back.

Fortunately, I don't do a lot of freeway driving. In the country or around town, road noise isn't too much of a problem. I usually drive with the radio off, or on low, and ask my passengers (usually my kids) to try to speak clearly -- probably something we should all be working on anyway.

21st Oct 2016, 17:08

Wife bought a base-model 2010 Hyundai Elantra in 2012, with 3000 miles on it.

Has owned it about 4 years now. Still low-miles - maybe 35,000 and counting. It's 'decent' - absolutely unexceptional - nothing special, nothing wrong with it. Decent power from the 2.0L engine. Decent transmission (manual 5-speed). Decent seats. Decent noise-reduction. Decent fit and finish, and interior. Decent trunk. Decent look, especially in black. I'd definitely buy another Hyundai (in fact I bought a used Hyundai Accent SE 2008 a couple of years later).

27th Oct 2016, 05:00

Yeah sure, Hyundais are great when you roll off the dealers lot with something flashy and brand new for a cheap price and a "warranty". Problem is, Hyundai will do anything to weasel its way out of honouring the warranty. I've had many friends try out Hyundais, every single one of them switched to another brand afterwards. People who bought Toyoya, GM, Fords, Hondas are usually repeat customers; never seen someone buy a 2nd Hyundai. They just are not built to last, they end up in the junkyard within 5-10 years at best as they are disposable, poor quality, cheap and gaudy toys. Engines barely last 50-100k until they start leaking oil everywhere. I know Hyundai has come along way since the days of the Pony and Excel, but I feel they still have a long way to go until I can respect them as an automaker.

19th Jun 2017, 22:03

Hyundai makes good cars now, but they really need to step up their dealership experience. It's not just getting warranty service performed; the general attitude and ambiance of the building and the staff can be summed up in a word as "sleazy".