27th May 2002, 14:27

Sorry about your luck, sometimes the dealer can be the problem, lack of experience or just poor mechanics. I have now purchased our second Elantra after the lease was up on the 1998 which was a great car, no problems whatsoever and now have a terrific looking 2002 Elantra with all the goodies. I've probably owned or leased twenty cars in my life and find this to be better than any GM, Ford or Chrysler I've had for comfort, economy and style. I'll tell you that I've had worse nightmares with north american cars, but that's another story. Good luck with your car though.

22nd Feb 2003, 14:32

I am the proud owner of 3 Hyundai's. I have a 2000 Elantra, a 97 Elantra, and a 97 Tiburon... I would swear by these cars! Dollar for dollar they can't be beat... The 97 Elantra has almost 150k and still going... The 97 Elantra and Tiburon are stick shift... I wish I would have gotten a 00 with a stick instead of auto... Sure, Toyotas and Hondas are great cars, but at about 6-8000 more, I don't think so...

9th Jun 2003, 21:08

I am completely understanding of your problem. I own a 1999 Hyundai Elantra which currently loses power and refuses to change gears on the slightest incline (or no incline at all) for the past 3-4 months. The dealer always tells me I'm crazy and never fixes anything before the 4th trip. I have started doing research online and I'm finding more and more out there with the same problems. My car has been fairly good up till now, but I'm losing faith every day in the car and the company.

7th Dec 2003, 17:59

I have a 2000 Elantra Wagon. While I find it to be a good product, my dealer experience has been poor. I have had problems with the front disc brakes, and a cracked exhaust manifold. In each case I had to make numerous calls to Hyundai Motor America, and I feel the problems were finally repaired under warranty (as they should have been) only because I continued to push the issue. All the "warranty repairs" on the brakes were "goodwill repairs." The exhaust manifold was listed as warranty repair after I produced a receipt showing they had replaced my spark plug wires at 57,000 miles. They had claimed the wires had never been replaced, thus causing my exhaust manifold to crack. They had failed to check their own computer where they performed the wire replacement 11 months earlier.

28th Jan 2004, 09:51

We have the 2000 gls and for the most part have been satisfied. It seems though that the "little" things are kind of cheaply made. The knob for the air flow control split and broke within a year of buying. The driver side window control panel started to stick and then the whole console fell inside the door. Super glue fixed the first problem, warranty covered the second. Car has been recalled once for rear brake issues. This little car has a lot of power and drives well, however, would not recommend for off road usage. I've taken it on dirt roads about 10 times in the years I've owned. While, it handled well, I've noticed a change in the shock absorption and my front end can't seemed to get properly aligned and vibrates at fast speeds on the highway. Have had it checked by two different people who find nothing wrong with it.

11th Apr 2009, 16:34

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan 2.0L that I bought for 750.00 from a lady who rear ended someone, and didn't want to fix it.

I fixed the radiator and condenser, put some new tires, brakes, plugs and wires on it for a great car.

Around 120,000 miles the idle control valve is giving me problems. Yeah, easy fix for 250.00, then 129,000 miles and the transmission begins to surge and fail to shift into first. I'm told it's a clutch solenoid failure. The shop says the trans needs to be rebuilt and they can fix it for 1600.00. I think not, and drive another 1000 miles; guess what, the output shaft seal on the transmission goes completely out and I'm stuck.

Oh and I forgot, the main cat was clogged at 122,000 miles, that's regular though, but not 457.00 dollars. Regular parts for this car are ridiculous, and I am now selling this thing and going back to Ford, who have never let me down.

18th Aug 2010, 02:38

Bought a 2000 Elantra Gls in 07 with 90,000 miles.

The car was awesome, on the drive home.

The fuel gauge was the first thing to go out,

I actually believed the dealer was nice enough to give me a full tank of gas. I drove for almost 3 weeks before I found out.

The next thing was the check engine light. It has not turned off since. Power mirrors didn't last long. Power windows went out. Always had problems with the clutch. Idle sounds like its going to stall. Air conditioner always makes my clutch slip. It has a rear main seal leak and it leaks power steering. It makes weird noises, it makes weird sounds, yet the car is actually still in fair condition. It gets me excellent fuel mileage and is somehow still very dependable.

The speedometer recently went out at 143,600 so it stopped marking my odometer which I relied on since my fuel gauge broke.

I love my car I wouldn't trade it in for the world, it's so unsafe to drive, but it gets me everywhere I need to go.

I put nitrogen in my tires, and that definitely helped!

I would definitely get another Hyundai in a heartbeat.