2000 Hyundai Elantra GPS from North America


Lately a nuisance


I purchased this car new, and for the most part it has been fine, except for the normal repairs due.

There is problem that has come up too many times to even want to go into it, but it needs to be mentioned. The windows have fallen down on three of the doors. I have had the driver's side repaired twice, to have the window fall down again. Each time, during a really inconvenient time, like when it was raining. I have read other comments concerning the same issue with the windows, and there should have been acceptance of responsibility on the part of the manufacturer of these cars. Evidently it is not just a few cars that have this malfunction in the window assembly.

I have used tape since then, which looks bad and makes the car look horrible. The last time I used door stoppers in the groove of the windows, which keeps them up, yet also also does not look great. But looks better than tape. I think there should be a class action done.

I called the company also like others have, but they refuse to take responsibility for the problem. I have read that using a piece of wood inside the door, if you can manage to either get someone to take it off or do it yourself, may keep the window from falling. However, that means in an emergency you will not be able to get the window open. At any rate, I refuse to spend any more money on this issue. So I guess I will be propping up the windows and cannot open them, praying that nothing happens. That also means using my air conditioner more because of living in the south, where there will be more days of hot weather. I am a female, but respect the fact that males are having the same issues with these car windows. It is 2015 and it has been going on in my case since 2007 or so.

General Comments:

For the most part the car has not been too bad, except that some of the sensors go, and the engine light will come off and on randomly, which is annoying.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2015

2000 Hyundai Elantra GL 4 cylinder from North America


Safer in an accident than I thought it would be


The car was just in a front-end collision and both air bags deployed. My daughter is okay (face stinging from the air bags, ears ringing from the deployment) and the front end is finished, in fact the car is probably totaled. But she is OKAY. And that says a lot for a little car.

General Comments:

Spent $2000 to buy it, and spent $2500 to fix it up -- previous owner didn't even do a tune up before selling to us at 90,000.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2011

21st Oct 2014, 15:31

I don't understand the poor rating you gave the car. Seems it has been a good car and had very good crash resistance. It's not the car's fault your daughter got into an accident!

2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 from North America


Reliable and good looking! Not so good on gas though


Replaced the whole clutch system at 100,000 miles. Master cylinder and slave cylinder.

Paint has noticeable sun fade.

Back window seems to be disconnected from the motor that controls it, and goes down by gravity.

Seems to be a common problem with this generation of Elantras.

General Comments:

Love this car!

Cheap to run and comfortable! Super reliable, and has surprisingly good features for its price.

Gas mileage is not great considering it's a 4 cylinder 2.0 engine, but it's not terrible either.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2011

2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Modest, reliable transport that won't break the bank


Original clutch and rear main oil seal replaced November 2010 @ 131000km.

Driver's front seatbelt replaced due to fraying May 2010.

Fuel pump replaced early-mid 2010 @ approximately 122000km.

Clock faulty and replaced under original manufacturers warranty.

General Comments:

I purchased my car in 2010, with 126000km on the clock, with two previous owners from the same family, and service history from new. During my ownership, this car has proven to be quite reliable, with little more than scheduled maintenance required.

The engine, while not a ball of fire, is generally compliant and quick off the line. It uses neither oil, nor coolant, between services, but has developed a brief rattle while cold, which I expect to be valve/rocker shims requiring replacement. The gearing is slightly high, and will see you sitting at 100kph on the highway at approximately 2700rpm.

The gearbox and clutch are this car's weaknesses. The gears clash and grind if you don't change at just the right RPM, with very little margin for error, and the clutch in general has little in the way of feel, and the pedal uptake is vague, which makes even an experienced driver appear novice at times.

The steering circle is average for its size, and the suspension doesn't appear to be any better, or worse, than other comparable vehicles of its age and size. However, I have noticed in other Elantras, though not my own as of yet, that the suspension struts can seize if the vehicle is left off the ground (eg. changing a wheel, working under the vehicle, etc.) for an extended period of time. At the moment, the outer CV boots appear to show signs of cracking, and will need replacement in the near future.

The paintwork seems to hold up okay, though it's not a particularly great finish. The interior, while quite dark, is generally hard wearing and the plastics and generally durable with the exception of the satin-type finish on the centre binnacle switchgear and around the electric window switches, which can stain easily.

All in all, for the modest price I paid ($4750), I am happy with the vehicle. And if there was any advice to part with, it would be to look for a well maintained model, with service history, and in that history make sure the timing belt has been replaced at 90,000km/5 years, and every 90,000km or less/5 years thereafter.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2011