2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS Wagon 4 cyl from North America


Should have been called a FORD; Fix Or Repair Daily


I bought my car in 2005 used, I thought I was getting a great deal...

A few weeks later, the car wouldn't start, had it towed four separate occasions for its not starting problems. Eventually it would start for no apparent reasons, no mechanics could tell me what it was... I did learn that if I turned the AC on full blast right before I shut the car off, it always starts, so I have been doing that ever since.

The check engine light is always on; first it was the vapor canister, then fuel filter, then air filter, which all were replaced. A day later it came on again... Now it's the vapor canister, fuel filter, get the picture? Electrical tape over the check engine light makes me feel better.

Window in the right rear went POP, dropped to the bottom of the door and has been taped up ever since. The drivers side window has always been a lame duck, barely working, and then POP, now I invest in duct tape.

I love everything about my car, EXCEPT for its nickel and dime attacks; it really adds up! Apparently 2000 was a bad year for the wagon...

General Comments:

I drove my car from FL all the way to Washington State, not one problem! Now it's a different story...

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Review Date: 16th April, 2009

1st Jul 2009, 22:26

2000 Elantra Wagon bought used in 2004 with 50,000 miles. Compared to our Ford Escort wagon, it was a better automobile with more features. The wagon was very practical with the roof rack. Cruise control was perfect. It had a 1/2 inch plywood floor with the seats down. Very solid for carrying heavy things; drove cross country several times. Good gas mileage. Ride a little stiff, but new Kumho Tires made it better.

Steering very stiff. Had rack and pump replaced. Made no difference.

At 90,000 the automatic transmission went. Rebuilt at $1800. One year later it went again, and rebuilt under warranty. Adding $300,00 more for solenoids. 4,000 miles later it went again. I was on a trip and was over 3,000 miles from home. Stranded in a country side. The closest repair shop was AAMCO Transmission. They towed it for free, 30 miles. Said the transmission gone. It was rebuilt again at a cost of $3,500, after having given me a quote of $1,200.

I needed my wagon so I paid for it. I drove it 3,000 miles from AAMCO Trans home and the transmission was not smooth shifting. I thought I would never make it. It had a nationwide warranty. I took it to our local Aamco and they gave me a hard time. Did not fix it, so I sold it at a loss. But I still miss my wagon. I should have gotten a rebuilt Hyundai transmission that was more money and a better warranty. Instead of having a local independent transmission repair garage do it. They did not know how to repair a Hyundai Transmission. I am a retired mechanic and that is what happened to the Excel. Mechanics ruin the car.

I bought one for my daughter in college, and it lasted for over 200,000 miles with little repair. It rusted away. Hyundai makes a good quality automobile. It's like the old days when foreign cars came in and mechanics did not know how to fix them. Many Beetles were ruined that way including some good Renaults. Today in my 80's I am finding poor work by incompetent mechanics being done on our cars we bring in for service.

2000 Hyundai Elantra from North America


I am very unsatisfied with this car!


I bought this car less than a year ago and I have already replaced the transmission. Now I have to go find a new car because the transmission has gone out again. I have also had problems with the windows but I am less worried about this I would be willing to deal with it if the car at least ran. Right now I can only drive about 25 miles per hour and I occasionally have to stop and turn off the car and restart it because it refuses to change gears. I have had nothing but problems since I got the car, and I will never by a Hyundai again. Lawsuit? I'm in... jadedkurt840@yahoo.com.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2009