16th Aug 2010, 10:40

OK...I'm with all of you.

I just purchased a 2000 Elantra less than 3 months ago. My drivers side window regulator broke this morning. I thought it was a great deal since the car has under 66k miles and it runs great.

Hopefully it won't be a frequent happening, but from the looks of these comments, I should probably learn how to fix it myself.

Any recalls on this car?

19th Aug 2010, 20:20

Wow, yeah, same with my car, and recalls, yes, each car has some recalls, just google it.

I have replaced the driver's window motor, and it's now sticking, and ha ha my 3 other windows are taped up, and the door handles stick and crack off.

Yeah, a fun car. I call it my non savings bank.

17th Sep 2010, 14:49

My rear passenger rear window broke two days ago. I can hear the motor, but window doesn't move. I can't seem to buy the rear window regulators for less than $170 at any of the local parts stores (Napa, AutoZone, etc.). I don't want to pay that much, so I think I will just tie it off like some others have said.

Otherwise, I love the car, runs great!

12th Oct 2010, 07:23

I have replaced the rear driver side and the driver door both in the past 2 weeks. I got the regulators at a junk yard for $25 each. And last year the clips on the front passenger door snapped. The thing that worked for me was making a metal brace to go over the clip.

4th Nov 2010, 14:44

I have had 3 window regulators break in this vehicle. I have owned the car for only 2 years. Two fell on their own, one stayed down after rolling the window down.

13th Nov 2010, 10:46

I own a 2000 Elantra that now has 129,000 miles on it. I have had very few issues with the general operation of my car. It has been a VERY reliable form of transportation. However, I have had the same problems that I have read in many of the previous comments.

As of right now, 3 out of 4 of my windows do not work, and are being held up by paint stirrer sticks. The only window that still works is the driver's side, and that is pretty much only when it wants to. Most of the time, it does not work either.

I have taken it to my mechanic, and because he would have to get the parts from Hyundai, the low quote to repair all of them was over $1000.

I have also had 2 of the interior door handles break off in my hand. If they could fix these issues with a recall, this car would have no other major problems.

4th Dec 2010, 15:40

Yup all four windows broke... 2 stay up and 2 stay down... the night the first one went down, my radio and my GPS were stolen... so without fixing the windows, I've already lost $400...

Hyundai... you suck.

2nd Jan 2011, 11:30

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. The driver's side window fell down, and it sounds like it's loose inside the door, so I'm assuming it's the plastic clips I've seen that hold the window onto the regulator assembly. Does anyone know if new clips come with the regulator assembly? Prior to the window falling into the door, we had to prop the window up, as we raised it so that it would actually stay in the track without going in crooked. I'm not sure if that is the entire regulator component or not, but my husband is getting ready to take the panel off to see what he can find. For now, our window has plastic taped to it, so that the elements do not damage the interior.

We also had the inside handle on the driver's side break, so we have to open the door from the outside on the same door that has no window. It's fun with the plastic window, because we cut a little hole so you can put your hand out to open the door. Ahhhhh, the life of being a Hyundai owner. Isn't it grand!

I do have to say though that mechanically we have been very lucky with this car (although the engine light is on now too, so I guess that may be a premature comment). We have about 130,000 miles on it now, so I guess some mechanical problems are expected.

Anyway, if anyone knows about the clips that I asked about above, I would appreciate some input.

28th Feb 2011, 14:12

My daughter, step-daughter and I all have 2000 Elantras, bought in unrelated transactions.

We all have problems with the windows. My rear windows have been nonfunctional for a while now. That didn't bother me so much. I simply didn't use them. But today, the front, driver side window just failed. I'll be looking through this thread more carefully for what to do when I get some time.

Fortunately, rain is not in the forecast.

10th Aug 2011, 14:50

I too am having problems with the windows in my car. I don't know what it takes for a recall, but there should be one. My driver's side window went, and sometimes when it rains unexpectedly and I have to roll up the window quickly, it can be dangerous to your fingers and others around you, because on mine I have to hold it while rolling it up. I cannot afford to keep fixing this window, it's the second time in a year it's broken.. :( I hope there's a recall soon!!

23rd Aug 2011, 03:25

I too have had a problemo with my driver's side window regulator clip busting! Took the interior panel off.. hoping to fix it myself. Bought a new window regulator, only to find that the clips DO NOT come with it. Can't seem to find anywhere to buy these WONDER pieces... sooo frustrated! Anyone able to help my cause would be amazing.. since Hyundai can't seem to do so!!!???

Class action lawsuit should already be in the works... probably be easier to mold myself a clip or two, rather than look to Hyundai to help fix my window. THIS IS RIDICULOUS :(

4th Jul 2013, 15:12

I just found this website/commentary today, July 4, 2013, for my 2000 Hyundai Elantra. I find it amazing that all of the comments related to the window regulators began in 2008. That's exactly the same time TWO of mine failed within 2 weeks of each other! Must have been a lousy year for the manufacturer of this part. Unfortunately, due to economic priorities, I have been unable to replace them and have had to rig the windows to stay up in a fixed position.

By the way, shortly after the two window regulators failed, the following items also failed or broke within a few months' time:

- Door handle, driver's front door.

- Speed sensor (rendering the speedometer inoperable).

- Tail light wire harness, right side, BURNT UP.

And if all this isn't "karma" enough, the best part is that all of these failures occurred JUST AFTER my 100,000 mile warranty ran out !


30th Aug 2014, 12:50

I have a 2009 Elantra and last night the regulator imploded in the door. A loud bang, and then the window dropped down. This car has 35,000 miles on it. I have never heard anything like this. It is a defective part if it doesn't wear out. But they say that they don't call it defective. What else would it be. Regulators go from age... wearing down... Not brand new plastic just imploding... very unhappy!!!!

11th Jun 2016, 02:28

I have an 06 Elantra. The back passenger side window was smashed in by car prowlers while visiting the local zoo. My question is, is it possible to use a driver's side back window for the back passenger window; I look at it, and in my head it seems easy enough to just flip it around and bam install it. I've gone to the local junkyards to look for a 01-06 Elantra with intact back passenger windows, and so far I've only found one and it broke while trying to remove the door panel. I'm assuming the bottom half of the window was cracked because it looked fine up above. There are plenty of driver's side windows, so is it possible for me to use one? In my head it works out.

26th Sep 2016, 07:10

I just had to post on here. It's been years, and I still have my 1999 Hyundai Elantra wagon. The car, mechanically, has served me well, and still is. The windows regulators? 17 of them, since I bought the car new, in 1999. Seventeen? Really? I don't even put the inside panel on the driver's door any longer. When the regulator does work, the window tries to go up crooked, etc. I actually have to guide it up with my hand, on the inside of the glass. The windows in the back doors? Held up with PVC pipe, glued into place. This has been such a problem for so many people, the price of the regulators has come down, thanks to the aftermarket suppliers, but no thanks to Hyundai. Just incredible.

Randy McDaniels, TLC.