18th Jun 2004, 12:28

My Elantra also has two failed rear power windows. I closed them and taped after getting quote of $750. The cabling arrangement is really poor design. It should be replaced with too many points of failure in it's basic design. You can't just replace the plastic piece or the cable and the design creates a nighmare of cabling. They should have a recall.

2nd Sep 2004, 08:37

I own a 2000 elantra and have experienced the exact same thing. all 4 of my automatic windows broke during the warranty period. about 1 week after my warranty expired, one of my rear windows broke AGAIN! this is ridiculous. the car has been great other than the excessive window trouble. now, mine too is taped up with packing tape. I shouldn't have to spend $300.00 of my own money on something that is obviously defective. its time for hyundai to step up and do something about this trouble.

4th Feb 2005, 16:29

I too am having the same problem, it's like look at all these people having the same problem and nothing is being done about it. I have already put in a comment about my 2000 Hyundai Elantra with the windows, but I wanted to add it to these comments too, maybe hopefully there will be a re-call for these windows that's all I'm asking for.

23rd Mar 2005, 11:16

All four windows failed during warranty period, my warranty is ending this month, I am afraid to open my windows now...

Otherwise the car has been great...

9th Apr 2005, 13:30

I feel all of your pain! I have had 3 broken regulators and clips problems. I was able to buy regulators off ebay, and a motor there as well. But now I'm not sure how to fix the clip problem. I tried to use an epoxy resin mixture, but it failed. Sounds like class action time.

14th Apr 2005, 14:26

Boy oh boy... seems like I aint the only one here with the window problem. Yesterday my rear window stopped working... and that too when the window was down... had to get a new regulator for the same and cost me a whooping 375 bucks... i mean this is too much... Hyunday has to do something about it... otherwise the car is good... pbly will never ever roll my windows down again!!!

15th Aug 2005, 16:15

My 2000 Hyundai Elantra has been nothing, but problems. My driver's side window broke... right before I entered a car wash! I had to floor it in reverse in order to save my car from an interior cleaning! Now today my rear driver's side window broke while trying to roll it down. My neighbors 2000 Elantra's windows (all of them) are taped up! When I complained, I was told there were no other complaints. I see that was true.

7th Oct 2005, 13:49

I have had the same trouble with my 2000 Elantra. It's been to the shop 3 times under the warranty, and once since the warranty ran out. They gave me a quote of $400 to fix it this time. I told them no thank you and just taped the thing closed with packing tape. I see someone else here had the same idea. I completely agree, this should result in a recall.

Just a note to those of you who have mentioned they will never open their windows, it won't matter. My rear windows had never been opened. Each time this problem occured I was driving down the highway & suddenly noticed the sound of air rushing behind my head. The window had dropped down into the door without me ever messing with it. Long story short, don't expect this not to happen to you simply because you've never used the window. It can happen & it probably will happen one cold, wet, winter day when you least expect it.

15th Nov 2005, 17:59

OK this sucks... I just bought one. LOL.

4th Jan 2006, 10:40

I have had the same window problems as everyone else above with my 2000 Elantra. I had the driver side window fixed under warranty, but have since had the rear driver side window clip brake after the warranty was up. I currently have it taped with packing tape due to the excessive cost of fixing (~ $350). I have an infant in the back seat who obviously never uses it and still have had these problems. I am only hoping it doesn't happen on my driver window again, as it is the only one I frequently use. A recall from Hyundai is in order to fix this problem.

14th Feb 2006, 17:02

I too have had the window problems, but I opted to buy a $45 used window regulator assembly and install it myself. This (front driver's side) was the first to go at 90,000 miles; maybe I should stock up on those things :)

21st Feb 2006, 17:31

I wish I had checked out this site before I recently purchased my 2000 Elantra. I got, what I thought at the time was great deal, only 17,500 miles on it! After having the car for only 4 months, the driver's side window went down and would not come back up. If there is a class action suit I am interested in taking part in it. I hope my windows don't break again.

I also had to take the car in 3 times to get a 'rattle' fixed in the dash. It turned out it was caused by a loose connection with the accelerator cable.

AND now my 'check engine' light has come on and the car is loosing power while I accelerate from a stop. Also it will rev up and down sometimes while I have the car in drive and am at a complete stop! Usually after shifting the car into neutral this problem will fix itself, until the next time...

Turns out, I didn't get such a good deal after all.

10th Mar 2006, 15:03

Add me to the list - the back windows were the first to go (no one ever used them!!) and now the passenger window this morning - it is so obviously a problem - I wish I could find more entries about this online - this should have been a recall - I too called Hyundai and got the run around of no complaints and no recall. Basically invested $900 into this - otherwise, really do like the car.

20th Apr 2006, 17:25

3 windows broke on my 00 elantra, one is taped now : (

Other than windows car is good. dang it.

6th Aug 2006, 21:47

Three of the four windows have failed in my '00 Elantra. the rear driver's side just failed. My driver's side has been repaired and looks like it will need it again. It hasn't failed, but you have to jockey with the window to get it to work at a reasonable rate of speed. I would be keenly interested in a class action suit. Has there been a recall on the windows that I am not aware of?

4th Feb 2007, 21:10

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. My passenger window went first and now my back passenger is slowly going... what next?

6th Feb 2007, 16:12

I just had my last window break as well. I am the original owner and my first window broke 1 month after the warranty. I guess I won't be buying another one.


New Mexico.

13th Feb 2007, 16:26

My back seat windows have not worked since 2004, and now my driver side window is not functioning. The regulator on all these windows is the problem and the clip.