31st Aug 2007, 05:40

I own a 1999 Hyundai Elantra station wagon. It uses the same exact doors as the Elantra sedan. Window problems?? Let's talk. I've replaced 5 window regulators in the driver's side door. One regulator in each of the back doors. Now keep in mind that the back windows have been put down a maximum of maybe 20 times since I've owned the car, and I am the original owner. I've complained to Hyundai Corporate this week, since this latest regulator cost me about $300.00 to have installed today. Hyundai just kept saying... "sir, the car is out of warranty now". My complaint is, this has been a recurring problem since I've owned the car. NOT ACCEPTABLE HYUNDAI. Hyundai then told me, (the customer service rep's name was Chelsea), that they know of NO PROBLEMS with their window regulators. Now, I've just found this great website, which confirms my suspicions on this. Any attorneys out there who want to take on a class-action suit against Hyundai about this?? This is just ridiculous.

6th Sep 2007, 12:23

My PASSANGER window went 1st under the warranty then the left back window went shortly after the warranty expired they wanted way too much to repair it. I used a plastic wood shim to hold the window up just shove it down till it grabs and break it off. also battery went twice and the latch that keeps the door from opening to far rusted out and would close the door so bolt cutters fixed that problem. the FUEL sensor thing went out 500 bucks for that 300 to change trans fluid the car was fine till the warranty expired. oh and now makes a bad sound when turning the wheel.

6th Sep 2007, 13:20

My 2000 hyundai elantra driver's side window just broke.

9th Sep 2007, 15:42

In regards to the July 3rd comment, I am the original owner of a 99 elantra gl. I've got about 150,000 miles on the sucker! Just last year I had my driver side front window motor go out. NOW just a week ago my passenger rear window motor petered out on me.

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one with the same window problems, but I also realize my car, per industry standards, is about 10 years old. I guess these periodic problems just come with the territory.

** I will say this though: if you're not 'handy'; find someone who is. It really pays off in the end. It can make a $400 repair cost you less than 1/4 of the price the dealer wants to charge you. **

13th Sep 2007, 16:00

Well, I figured another complaint wouldn't hurt. I too, have a 2000 Elantra and I have had to replace my driver's side window motor 2 times. The 3rd time it broke, I decided to just tape it up. It has now been that way for a year and a half. I finally decided to see if I could find anything out about the problem and a cheaper fix. That is when I saw these many posts. How many complaints does it take to get them to recall? I know they recalled the exhaust on the vehicle. Leaky exhaust is dangerous. Maybe we could explain the dangers of a faulty window. If I am driving down the road and a rock bounces off a passing vehicle and comes flying at me and hits me...because the window was not up to protect me. : {

I think Hyundai should investigate this problem and resolve it before someone is hurt. I think the large number of complaints is more than enough proof to show that this may be something they should look into.

9th Oct 2007, 10:11

Add me to the list. The left rear window on my 2000 Elantra dropped last week. The motor still works, but there is some kind of problem with the cable. The car is old enough and has depreciated to a point where I am no going to spend any money on nonessential repairs. So, I am going to try and rig it permanently up with the cable as others have described. Or failing that I will resort to a cruder method such as duct tape.

I had two regulators go out (within two months of each other) on a Pontiac Bonneville that my work assigned me. That car had only 50K miles. I expect those kind of problems from an American car (even funnier was how I saw them recommending only factory parts for a "longer service life"). However, I didn't expect this from my Hyundai. We'll see if other problems follow in a short succession.

22nd Oct 2007, 12:20

My 2000 drivers side window went yesterday. Add me to the long list broken power windows.

24th Oct 2007, 21:10

I too have fell victim to this window dilemma. I didn't realize this was such a huge problem. I am probably going to go to a salvage yard and find the part so I can fix it myself. Has anyone contacted Hyundai and referred them to this web site? It's a bit ridiculous!!!

29th Oct 2007, 19:50

I have a 2000 Elantra and have replaced the two window regulators on front and rear drivers side, and now the right rear passenger side regulator has broken. The plastic fitting the regulator cable was attached to was broken on all of them. This is an example of extremely poor engineering. It should have been attached to a metal holder. All window regulators broke within a 5 month period. I'm sure the right front passenger regulator will be next... Hyundai should issue a recall on this problem.

20th Nov 2007, 22:27

3 window regulators on my 2000 Elantra Wagon have broken so far: FR - RR - RL. The first was fixed under warranty, I fixed the second one with a regulator that I bought on Ebay, and the third one is currently taped. Window regulators for 96-00 Elantras are very expensive on Ebay ($119 plus shipping for RL!), which suggests that demand is very high on them. I am afraid to use the windows and have been using "window lock" to prevent accidental use.

2nd Dec 2007, 15:52

Well add me to the list of complaints. Today, while driving, I could hear the sound of air coming into the vehicle. I pressed all the window buttons to make sure the windows were up, when I noticed the rear passenger window down about an inch. I could hear the window motor running, but the window remained down. I pulled into a gas station and tried to close the window by hand. No problem pulling the window up. Controls however do not work.

I have 85,000 miles and will not waste any money on a car with a value of under $1,000. I will live with it and if the window falls I will use duct tape to keep it up.

I would however like to attempt to fix it myself. Does anybody have a website where the window assembly can be found, or the schematics for the assembly.

Please send to my email address at


Thank you.

5th Dec 2007, 13:53

I have had three windows malfunction on my 2000 Elantra. I've replaced the driver window and have left the rear two windows b/c its just not worth the price tag to fix it.

14th Jan 2008, 03:04

Obviously an engineering design defect. My drivers side window broke about 3 years after I bought it new. They replaced it under warranty. A rear window also broke after warranty and is now taped up, but I think I'll now attempt a repair on it. 2 manufacturer radios developed static after awhile. 1st one was replaced under warranty. 2nd was replaced at Circuit City. Car still runs fine though at this time.