18th Jan 2005, 15:30

No, dear.. it just means that if you're not looking dead on, you think it's a Saab. I've even been treated better waiting for a turn signal or a lane change because the car looks that good. Nobody gave me the time of day when I had the '98 Ford Escort.

Yea, the trunk is pretty roomy, a hair smaller than the Escort.. (huge compared to the F Focus.) I test drove both on the same day. Focus is a joke, man. I can't put groceries, my 10 year old son and 30 something husband in that car. (2005 Focus) Forget it! Elantra was roomier all around and is perfect for what I use it for. And I love the 138 HP. If I want power, and extra room, I borrow the Husband's Taurus (200HP).

17th Mar 2006, 11:27

I've had a couple of people ask if my 2005 Elantra GLS hatchback was a SAAB.

18th Mar 2006, 11:56

To the poster on Dec. 27, 2004: The connection is that the Hyundai is undoubtedly a better all round vehicle than any GM-ized SAAB, based on the reviews I have read.

25th Mar 2006, 02:28

I too have had my GT called a 'Saab' as well as others I've encountered.

25th Mar 2006, 07:49

In regards to the commenter who said that any Hyundai is better than a "GM-ized Saab". Your kidding right? You actually think that a car the makes 200hp out of a turbo 2.0 motor, the best of European handling and heritage is outperformed by a Korean economy car? Wow, you GM haters truly are delusional. But I suppose that you're an "expert" just like all the other GM hating "experts" on this site.

BTW, I really do like the Elantra GT. It's a good looking car.

25th Mar 2006, 11:49

"The best of European handling and heritage"?

Are you serious?

BMWs, Audis, and even some VWs run circles around Saabs as far as handling. Throw in the endless, endless torque steer and Saab loses further.

What's more, Saab can't even compete on reliability. My 2000 BMW 528i had ZERO problems in the three years I owned it. Read Saab reviews here (9-3, 9-5) from the same era and you get the opposite picture.

Saabs are simply rebadged GM family sedans (excluding the stupid SUV and the Saabaru 9-2X). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they aren't the pure sports sedans that BMWs are.

I drove the Elantra GT and liked it a lot except for the steering. The car is very attractive and does look like a Saab, more so than the 9-7 atrocity and the 9-2X.

25th Mar 2006, 18:16

Saabs are not rebaged GM with the exception of the SUV which is a trailblazer with better suspension (not a bad thing at all). Yes the 9-2X is a Subaru wagon, but that isn't a bad thing. Yeah okay the Saab has torque steer, but it's a front driver and would be much better suited to winter driving than your BMW. Besides, the 9-5 is a lot cheaper than your vanity German buggy. Saab has a hell of a heritage behind it. I mean they manufactured jets for gods sake. Even BMW used to be in the business of aircraft manufacturing. Yes they are trying to find their bearing in this fractured market, but Saab is still quite an outstanding automobile. My comment above was directed the individual who said that a Hyundai is superior. Just relax. Yes GM has a finger in the Saab pie, but these days everyone is laying in eachothers beds.

7th Apr 2006, 02:09

I have a five-door Elantra GT AND a Saab 900S. They look extremely similar for cars that were made almost ten years apart. Even the interior of the Elantra echoes the Saab. I love both cars and they are both fun to drive, but the Saab can outhandle and out-accelerate the Hyundai anytime. On the other hand, the Elantra is far more comfortable and will probably be more reliable too.

As for the comment on Saab "heritage" and building jets: true, but irrelevant. Building a good missile or submarine (both of which Saab Corp. does) doesn't mean you can build a good car. I think Saabs are good cars, but its not because Saab makes other stuff too.

Furthermore, Saab has been a division of GM since the late 1990's (with the 9-3). All Saab models are designed by GM, and built with GM parts. Heritage? No.

30th Mar 2009, 05:06

I rented one of these GTs for a week, and the thing had about as much frills as wheelchair. A slow and wheezy piece of crap filled with more plastic than a Fisher Price factory.

I would honestly say that I would be ashamed to be the owner of such a lame car. The thing was small and cramped, and had the cookie cutter interior styling like something that was thought up in one night.

I own a Saab 900 SE Turbo. LOVE THE CAR, I've had all sorts of cars from all regions of the world. I don't hold any alliance to American vs Euro vs Asian, but I can honestly say that my 900 has been the most fun of any of them. The two cars look nearly identical from a side profile. Hyundai completely ripped the styling. Argue about it all you want, but you cannot deny the blatant similarities of the two vehicles.

Is it a GM car? Well mine not really, it's a 96 and made in Sweden, but there are various GM parts or GM branded parts in my car. The firewall in the engine bay has GM printed on it for example, but beyond that the car is so unique. Just know that the similarities between the two cars is simply cosmetic and should not be compared in any way shape or form beyond that.

6th Aug 2010, 17:51

Well guys, this is the first site I looked at to see the comments on the 2004 Elantra hatchback... we are looking to buy one for $2200 Canadian with 160km on the car. Was wondering if this would be a good investment, but you guys have discouraged me... Saabs are great really, but who cares, we are hear to talk about Elantra, so could someone be a friend and let me know if this is a good choice of car?

2nd Jun 2012, 15:48

I have an Elantra GT 2003, and it is a wonderful car! No problems at all! I love to drive the Elantra fully loaded, and it looks like they wanted at that time to enter the European market, by the design inside and outside! So buy one with confidence, and you will not regret it.