16th Oct 2007, 02:28

This is an update on the original post. The car now has 34,000 miles on it. We have had a few problems, we had a strange surging after the car warmed up. The car would surge up to 3000 rpm's and would not stop until you either turned off the car or lifted up the gas pedal. The dealership replaced the entire accelerator cable assembly and throttle body assembly. This cured the problem for the most part, but it is starting to happen again though not as severe.

We also had the drivers door weather stripping replaced under warranty and the floor mat retainer which broke. I am rather dismayed how easily the car dents, we have had the left rear door skin and the right front fender replaced due to dents. The paint quality is not the best either. The clutch is starting to get a bit balky, so we are going to trade it in on a Sonata. Overall the car has been great, it has not stranded us yet and only been in the shop once.

12th Apr 2008, 17:30

Extremely disappointed in my 2006 GSL Elantra Hatchback. Just over 40,000 miles and the back brakes are completely worn out, hitting the rotors. The rear brakes per the service department are at 0% pad life and wearing into the rotors. To replace: $450.00. Also in the past year, we had to replace a rear light and a front light. Was expecting so much more out of this car. We will be buying another car this year for a soon-to-be college student but it will not be a Hyundai.

29th May 2008, 10:30

Brakes should be checked much sooner that 40,000 miles. Just about any car will wear out its brake pads in that amount of time. This is more an issue of proper maintenance by the owner than build quality of the car company.

3rd Sep 2008, 09:48

This is the original poster again. We decided against trading the car in and the car has been relatively trouble free mechanically since my last post. The tires were replaced at 55,000 miles and we just got the timing belt done. I replaced the spark plugs and the car is running well. At nearly 70,000 miles the car does not leak a drop of oil from anywhere and the engine is still smooth. The clutch has a bit of chatter but has lasted longer than I thought it would. We have had the car in 4 fender benders (none our fault) which required a replacement door skin, and we need a passenger fender and rear bumper cover. None of this of course is the cars fault just mentioning it for accuracy. The only other need is for a set of alloy rims to replace the stock steel ones. Several have bent and the car shimmys badly because of it. There are a lot of potholes in the area and my wife manages to hit most of them. Other than that the car is great. Air is still freezing and the car is still comfy. The interior has held up really well and when clean still looks new.

9th Mar 2009, 19:32

According to me.. it is the best car ever..

But there's always something missing.. I don't think so it's comfy enough for a tall person sitting behind.. but it's cool..

I made it 17" rims, and lowered it 5 cm.. and my country is just bad roads.. but even with all of these things.. it's a great car.. finally.. Korea forever.