30th Nov 2008, 11:54

To the owner: I did as you suggested and searched the Internet for problems like yours, and sorry to say I could not back your story up. To my surprise I have changed my view of Hyundai and will consider one in my next used vehicle purchase.

2nd Feb 2009, 20:09

To the author, I'd agree with the above writer that you need to check around. We've had a Santa Fe for 4 years, and not a single problem with the dealership. We like our Santa Fe so much that we just spent the day running around to Honda, Toyota, Kia, and Chrysler, and are planning to buy the Entourage. My wife and I both agreed that we wouldn't even entertain the Caravan after this fact-finding trip... quality, fit and finish issues abound with the Caravan, and it's certainly not as comfortable seat-wise. Do some more research on the ol' internet and I think you'll find a whole lot more problems with that Caravan you bought. And sorry about your lower safety rating too...

2nd Apr 2010, 10:04

First of all, that vehicle does not need tune ups. Plugs are good until 100k miles. Only very basic. My girlfriend's next door neighbor has the Kia version of the same van, and has over 60k miles with no problems and very little maintenance.

You let the dealer rip you off and they seen you coming. That is your fault. You can take it any where for oil changes for under $40, why go to the dealer?

11th Jun 2010, 11:18

Hi, I just returned my 2006 Hyundai Entourage (lease) - worst money paid... within the first 1 month til about 4 months, the vehicle would shut off/ power down while driving! Any number of warning lights would come on... was in the shop more than we had it!

Went through 4 radios... would overheat, stop working, turn on and off on their own. Would not give back CDs. Would tell me there was a CD when none was in the unit.

Rust twice on the driver's side rear door lower bracket (the one that says don't step).

Loose rear hatch.

Remote starter would start the van (not set for cold restarts) at any given time!

Tires were very poor quality.

Clunking sound when engine turned off... comes from passengers side by their feet, and NO it was not run on!

Basically I had a lemon... and am VERY glad to be rid of it.