1998 Hyundai Excel GX 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Would be good for scrap metal


Electric window arms have broken twice. cd player errors a lot. electric aerial has been replaced three times. poor servicing at local dealer. dealer is rluctant to fix anything even under warranty. spark plug blew out of motor and broke rocket cover and dented bonnet.

General Comments:

This car is a lemon.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

1998 Hyundai Excel GX 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent and economical first car


Spark plug leads were replaced under warranty. It was causing the engine to hesitate.

The handbrake would go out of adjustment every few thousand km's since new, fixed at around 90,000 km. Several dealers failed to find the fault.

Front driver's side swaybar bush shed from lower control arm at around 80,000km.

Due to my backside being placed on the drivers seat at least 7 times a day since the day I bought the car, the cloth has started to fray only slightly.

Main problem is stone chips. After 100,000km, bonnet, front guards and bumper have a 'sandblast' effect.

There is a groaning noise coming from the front left suspension. Two dealers were not interested in finding the noise under warranty.

At 95,000km front passenger side brake pads wore prematurely on 1/2 of the pads, therefore rubbing metal with metal.

General Comments:

It has been an excellent first car and has and still is very economical where $35 of fuel can get me over 600km of mixed motorway and stop/start traffic a week.

The engine is the best part of the car. It may not be a refined engine, but it performs more than adequately, keeping up with the average falcodore.

However, the handling of the car is pretty average. Too much bodyroll and understeer at all speeds, but hey, it was only a cheap econobox after all, and a thicker rear swaybar made a huge difference as you can steer and adjust your line with the throttle. Twitchy at times though.

On anything, but smooth roads, the ride can become a touch choppy and unsettled.

The exterior dents way too easily, and the paint scratches easily as well. Panel fit when new was surprisingly good, as was paint finish.

The interior is roomy considering the car is small. The boot is extremely spacious and fully carpeted. Interior ambience leaves a lot to be desired though, with cheap plastics with a 'muddy water' look. The upside is full cloth seats, cloth on the doors, tachometer, CD player and power windows. The seats are small and uncomfortable after even 30 minutes.

There are a few rattles which do annoy me a little. A rattle just below the A pillar in the dash which only goes away if I turn on the heat on the outer vents. The tailgate rattles as well, but to be fair this only happens on rough roads. On smooth roads it's fine.

The car has it's on and off days. One day there would be no rattles, the next day none.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2002

1998 Hyundai Excel GX from Australia and New Zealand


High performance for the price

General Comments:

This car I think is the best verison of the Excels. It comes with cloth interior (doors, seats), electric windows, twin cam, taco meter, power steering and CD player. It has more power than the standard Excel, overall it handles well and I've had no troubles since buying it.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2001

1998 Hyundai Excel GLX 1.5L ULP from Australia and New Zealand


Good economy and reliability, but RATTLES, RATTLES, RATTLES


Essentially very little has gone wrong with this car which was bought new. As you can see from the details above, I travel a fair way to and from work each day. Much of this traveling has been on major highways, and mostly at 120k/hr. Subsequently I believe I am in a reasonable position to write about reliability. The vehicle has been off the road only for routine servicing and for one warranty claim (front discs as detailed below). It has been very reliable, and has not left me stranded on any occasion. Further it consistently delivers around 7.2 l/100Ks (38 m/imp.gal)

BUT it has its fair share of faults none-the-less.

1. Both front discs were replaced within a month because of warping.

2. Mechanically no faults.

3. Electrically no faults.

4. External paint and trim is acceptable (just). Internal trim (BAD, BAD, BAD). Non-stop rattles and squeaks from the day I bought it. Internally everything rattles: the dashboard, doors, boot (trunk), windows etc. There is a rattle for every road surface and every speed and every ambient temperature.

5. Road handling is poor, and it hates going around corners (under-steers badly).

6. Road noise is unacceptably high.

7. Good driver's seating, especially with the lumbar support. I never get a sore lower back after driving this vehicle for long distances.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2001

16th Oct 2001, 00:20

I've been reading all the Hyundai reviews and it seems this car is very prone to rattles and squeaks. And I don't know about you, but rattles annoy the life out of me so this has put me off Excels and I think I might stick to the Mitsubishi Magna after all.