1998 Hyundai Excel Sprint 1.6 twin cam from Australia and New Zealand


Piece of scrap metal (or plastic??)


Well I should list the things that HAVEN'T gone wrong... but anyhow...

Brake failure.

Gearbox faulty.

Electrical nightmares!!!

Blew head gasket.

Leaking fuel tank.

Leaking fuel injectors.

Fuel pump, replaced.

Exhaust manifold fault.

Dodgy suspension.

Door locks.

Rattle noise in the engine.

Air conditioning unit died.

Wheel bearings, replaced.

Door/boot seals screwed, leaks galore!

O2 sensor, replaced.

Starter motor died.

Radiator leak.

Oil leaks from everywhere.

CV joints.

Started blowing smoke at 15000k's.

It's a wonder this car didn't blow up!!

General Comments:

I definitely would NOT recommend a Hyundai Excel to anyone, or any Hyundai for that matter... bloody Korean import pieces of crap.

The build quality is so poor, it's not funny... the car was falling apart by the time I got rid of it.

Not sure why I purchased the "built from melted margarine tubs" piece of rubbish... I should have kept my Nissan Skyline to be honest, didn't have 1 problem with it!

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Review Date: 19th March, 2001

29th Mar 2001, 21:21

You got rid of a skyline and got that? you have go to be kidding. I think you are.

19th Jul 2001, 00:24

Mines done 100,000km of hard thrashing and although it does rattle a bit, I've had no problem... great car to get you from A to B with a little bit of zip...

11th Aug 2001, 23:35

My little excel runs really well. I've had no problems what so ever! It's only done 17,000 km but its all good. Ever thought you just got a dud car?

30th Oct 2001, 05:21

Regarding the last comment, it is pretty obvious that the poor guy got a dud car. That's precisely what he's complaining about and so would I too. It is up to the manufacturer to ensure that the products perform to specifications. OK!

15th Jun 2009, 22:40

I think you just got a lemon, every one else around loves them.

14th Feb 2010, 04:45

You know a car is really like a baby. You have to take care of it. You need to give it respect. If there is a problem, you fix it straight away. I see Excels everywhere, and most of them are well looked after. Now I have done exactly what I said up there to mine, and it has lasted me 13 years without 1 single problem!!! Have you treated it well???

5th Feb 2012, 23:22

I've had two of these things; a Sprint and a twin cam, just as daily drivers... Best thing I've ever owned, you can't kill em.

8th Feb 2012, 21:11

Yep. Agree. It's a cheap (mine was only 2500), cheap to run and service, fun to drive, though not a long distance car. Nippy in the city, easy to park. Though wouldn't want to have a collision - no airbags...

1998 Hyundai Excel from Australia and New Zealand


Great buy, good colour

General Comments:

Not a thing has gone wrong with my car, I have however found that when doing 110km/h the windscreen wipers are juddery, almost as if you are going too fast.

Other than that my car is perfect.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2001

26th Oct 2013, 19:16

I have a twin cam Hyundai Excel. I bought it second hand. Could someone please tell me where the engine number is located?

1998 Hyundai Excel 5 Door 1.5 twin cam petrol from Australia and New Zealand


If your expectations match the lower price - it's a good car!


Fuel sensor replaced under factory warranty.

Front sway bar bushes all replaced under factory warranty.

Central locking fixed under warranty.

I had the car for 3 years of the warranty and things did go wrong, but the service was not bad.

General Comments:

As a new car the Excel has been pretty reliable, but with age (now 3 years) the poor build quality is starting to show. There are now a few annoying interior rattles and some body flex is evident.

The buying price and running costs tend to offset the poorer quality making this a very economical and viable car for those looking for a little runabout.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2000