13th Aug 2002, 07:19

Have owned at 98 model excel now for 2 years and have had no dramas with the vehicle. I often travel great distances and have not experienced any road noise, it is always a very smooth and quiet trip. A well recommended vehicle.

8th Jan 2003, 22:50

Currently own a 1998 Excel sprint, which was purchased new and have traveled close to 120,000 kilometers. Have never had any rattles, or breakdowns! This car at $12990 incl. air conditioning (after $2000 cashback) has been extremely good value for money.

11th Jan 2004, 03:20

I am interested in buying a 98 excel hatchback, i am wanting to know your opinions...

20th May 2005, 03:37

I purchased Hyundai Excel six months ago. I replaced the entire suspension system with a new one along with new tires. The vehicle has already covered a distance of 1,50,000 km and is doing exceptionally fine except for high engine noise at a speed of over 100kmph and a rattling noise of the dashboard.

The Air-conditioner of the vehicle is excellent nad there is sufficient space in the hood.

Indeed it is a reliable car which can be maintained very cheaply with a need to have much better spares parts back up support.

28th Apr 2006, 21:10

I own a 96 model Excel, and I couldnt agree more about the horrid RATTLES!!! I think some excels didn't recieve as much attention as others : (

1st Sep 2012, 07:38

I bought mine new in September 1998.

I have always ran 10w30 engine oil.

Since I am up to 197000 ks, I now run 15w50.

I have no engine noise at 100, 110, 130ks per hour.

Service repairers never know which is the right oil to use. A mechanical engineer advised me what oil to use.

The twin cam is a very quiet motor.

I absolutely thrash mine. Even revving it constantly at 6000 RPM, it is not what I would call noisy.

My Excel will have to blow up before I get rid of it.