10th Feb 2002, 03:33

Had mine for three and a half years, well pasted on and off road, only faults have been a blown interior light and an electric aerial that gave up the ghost last week, not bad for 56000km of hard use, plan to keep it for a while longer.

V6 Auto 3 liter.

25th May 2002, 09:14

I had My Galloper for 13 months fromApril2001 till now. I have done 44,000kms in 13 months. No problems so far when you consider the fact I bought it as a used car. Is a solid car,very cheap to run and gives a very safe feeling. I drive a 1997 model 3.0L V6.Now I have completed 81,000kms and hope to drive this for another 6 years and complete 320,000kms.It is spacious, powerful even with dual a/c switched on at the highest and most important -no high running costs.

28th Oct 2002, 03:36

I own a (2nd hand) Short Wheel Base Galloper 2,5 Turbo Diesel Inter-Cooler from '99 with now 78000 km; 25000 km by myself. Problems with the crankcase due to loosening of a bolt; dealer fixed it under guarantee. (happens once and a while also by Mitsubishi diesels) Use it especially for towing a (1500 kg) caravan; bottom-power (1500-2500 rpm-> no turbo...) is in (high) hills too less, but highway can be driven in 5th gear (100 km/h)

Engine cooling and oil consumption is excellent with or without towing or/and cold or very warm weather; I went from Holland to Greece (Athens; 40 gr.C) with 0,0 problems and without adding oil. Reliable car for less money; with little limitations.

9th Nov 2002, 01:21

My Hyundai Galloper has now done nearly 100,000km. The major problem is that I had to have the engine completely reconditioned at 80,000km, new rings, bearing, valves, etc. Because I had moved from Qatar where we bought it it was not under guarantee.

The car had used (from new) 2l of oil every 5000km. I was told that this was normal. Now not a drop!

Now the problem is that at low speed on the over-run it jerks so that it is impossible to drive slowly at low speed. This was happening before the overhaul, and is gradually getting worse.

Not a recommended purchase!!!

23rd Aug 2005, 10:48

I had bought my Galloper a year ago, but I have had many troubles with the representations (like motor parts and stuff like that). The cars has left the market here in Venezuela and I can't find anywhere to buy replacement parts for my car. I need help to buy what I need. If someone knows where can I get some of these, please let me know - thanks.

7th Sep 2005, 11:55

I bought a 3.0lts 6 cylinders 99 galloper a couple months ago and the heating connection broke and left the radiator dry. My recommendation is for those that do not need to use the heater is to remove it because it's a risk. The electrical system is starting to fail, the windows, etc. but is an strong vehicle on the off road.

29th Sep 2005, 10:03

Purchased a 1998 LWB Galloper in UAE twelve months ago. Excellent purchase - strong off-road, good around town. Big and comfy inside (although a little noisy at highway speeds). Cheap & cheerful motoring, but as others comment there are one or two weaknesses in the electrics. But no big deal and v easy & cheap to fix. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another. These are surprisingly good 7-seaters for less than £3000UK.

23rd Nov 2005, 15:17

I have a EXD V6 Galloper. I am very happy with car. Is a strong and solid Off-Road car. I have only a problem with pieces for all compartments. In Brazil We have no Hyundai Staff for supply maintenance.

I recommended purchase!

5th Dec 2005, 15:06

It's been 4 years since I bought my Galloper II... and I'm still in love with it... It has proved it's capacity around almost every kind of terrain there is here (Dominican Republic)... some things can be improved though... the plastic vents tend to break, and the "paint" on the plastic around the shifter and radio easily deteriorates... also the power windows could be improved ( (of the two supports that every window has, one of each side has rot due to oxidation... parts are beginning to be a problem here, this is because this vehicle has exceeded the supplier's expectation in durability... so, I'm open to buying the parts from abroad...

Juan Arguelles


15th Dec 2005, 03:05

Hi everyone. I have a 2000 model Galloper II. I bought it new, but in Mongolian condition it does not perform well. Wear and tear are very common. Do not start in cold winter (-30). Now it is a junk. not recommended for users in countries where weather is extreme and road is bad.

19th Jan 2006, 13:53

I have Galloper 2001 SWB, it has 120 000km. Was going like a bat out of hell. It is starting to vibrate at +- 120 km/h, the 4x4 gear lever is also making a noise because of the vibration. A garage replaced my prop-shaft, but it did not help and the shaking continues...

Please help. pjblignault@yahoo.com.

22nd Jan 2006, 06:00

I have a 1998 galloper for 1 year now in the UAE. Cheap car, but expensive in maintenance. It has done more than 200.000 km. And now for th last half year every thing that can get broken was broken in the car. Best advise is sell you Galloper before its past the 200k!

2nd Feb 2006, 20:04

I have a 1999 3.0 liters. 5 door Galloper. Right now my galloper is being fixed the motor due to lost all the water because a broken radiator (I don't use the right coolant)

I'd find all spare parts included body parts in Venezuela. sometime I`d bought spare parts from Mitsubishi Montero 1997 and other time I'd bought original Hyundai parts.

It's a very nice vehicle, economic with a fast acceleration capacity. I'll fixed all the minor details and will continue using it for at least 3 more years.

21st Jun 2006, 08:34

We have a Hyundai Galloper 2 left hand drive, short wheel base, 4 wheel drive (1998) purchased in Oman. It is a very well appointed and reliable vehicle.

However we require UK conforming headlights for registration.

Any assistance in helping to find a supplier of headlights to fit this model will be greatly appreciated.

Peter Ruhen.

27th Jun 2006, 03:10

I have bought a short wheel base galloper 2.5 TD from 1999.

This is my car for 1 year now and it's a very solid car. It has been used to tow daily. I have problems with the electrical windows, but that is the only thing that is breaking down. I have driven it for one year and 40.000 km so its on a total of 145.000 km now. It's fitted with a 4 inch body lift kit and 33 inch tires from bf-Goodrich mud terrain. In front I have a winch bumper with a electric winch. Mostly I use it for on the road, but in the weekends it has to cope with mud pools till the waist down.

My advise is to purchase a galloper for sure. I'm thinking of buying another galloper when this one has to go!!!

18th Nov 2006, 02:16

Hi everyone.

I have too bought a Galloper. To be more precise, a Hyundai Galloper Exceed II, the 2000 model 3.0L V6 SWB Auto. I'm living in Abu Dhabi, UAE and have done so with my galloper for the last year.

At first sight, it offered me a perfect package. The huge head room, the basic comforts at a good price, the option to go off roads and come back on as if they were the same. I even had the opportunity of towing the previous owner's Toyota out of a 'dug in' situation (he obviously blamed his wife for that). I have also removed the back seats, because I don’t need them. I'm a bachelor and we need room for beer...

Then again, looks can be deceiving...

I am having continuous heat troubles, and I am replacing water pipes around the radiator, TBC (also known as Throttle Body or Throttle Control Unit), etc etc... I have recently reconditioned the AC condenser and I keep my oil top notch. I am starting to get a little irritated and poor. I almost see a little Korean Engineer standing in front of me while I hit him in the head with a rather large object (first choice being the car).

I came up with the idea that it is a timing problem in the last 2 days, and I am going to investigate this. I just think that I will be finding new ways to discriminate against South Korean Auto Engineers.

Can anyone help?

Send me an e-mail at


Yours in anticipation!