19th Nov 2006, 20:25

And to conclude...

It's not a timing fault. Could be a leak in the gasket between head and block? Does anyone have any other conclusions?

This is a sort of blog, and we can write 'stories' for others to read, here is a little story for you.

Every week my oil is checked, every month is topped up and every 5000km it is replaced along with the oil filter. To say I do it religiously would be inconsistent, as I never miss a checkup, and religion has its own agenda. In the Middle East a Friday is weekend for us so on the Thursday I get a call from the service agent.

Let it be known that the service agent is Mitsubishi, only because they had to and that they are selling the dealer ‘license’ in 2 years time because parts for the Hyundai Galloper are no longer available. Hyundai, Abu Dhabi wants nothing to do with this ‘trade service license’.

Anyway the moron at the other end tells me that my engine has ceased and I must find a new one AND it will cost me more than 10 000, 00 DHS (+- 3000, 00 USD) to have it replaced! Heartbreaking, strange and untrue! He mixed up the job cards with another Galloper. Yes, yes not to worry I gave him a really hard time. That’s no the point though. Once corrected, he also said that there is just a knock on one of the pistons when it is cold. The lead mechanic agreed with this and showed me.

So to sum up. I now have a new medical insurance scheme with a wonderful cardinal benefit program, I have been warned with engine failure of another Galloper and my Galloper has showed signs of Engine trouble.

Time to sell the car is imminent. It won't be missed...


11th Feb 2008, 12:49

I have 1999 Hyundai Galloper. I bought in 2004, at 64.000km. now it is 131.000 km. I did not have any problem with my Galloper. It is very good on highway, also off road. Es specially at winter you must have good tyries. Because car is very heavy and if you have old tyries it is imposible to drive. Service costs are very reasonable in Turkey, that`s why I don`t want to change my car yet.

21st Jul 2008, 12:40

I have a 2000 Galloper 3000 V6 LWB that was purchased new. Been driving it since and am very satisfied with the car. Currently I have 140 000 km on it and only major problem has been the unusual oil consumption after 110 000 kms. I have resolved that by using 20 w 50 oil instead of recommended 10 w 40.

Currently I purchase my maintenance an replacement parts from Seoul Korea, which seems to be 5 times cheaper than Turkey where i have been driving the car at.

Minor problems I had was a faulty air bag computer box and left tie rod end. The car performs excellent with Michelin Synchrone 4x4 tires and their winter versions seasonally.

The preventive maintenance seems to work real good with this car as long as you have a good independent mechanic. Certified dealer service in Turkey seems to be real poor. Most problems with this car stem from incompetent service personnel interaction during routine servicing.

12th Feb 2009, 14:46

I agree with all that.

5th Apr 2010, 10:14

I am driving a 1999 Galloper Intercooler.

I did 306.000Km.

I renewed the water pump, starter, backshaft, 2 electrical window motors, and twice all the belts.

It is OK. Now I am looking for a new offroader.

John, Germany.

22nd Oct 2013, 01:11

Hi there,

I just bought a 1999 3.0L V6 Galloper. Everything was perfect for the first three weeks or so, then it started to stall, like the engine is normal, and suddenly everything shakes like if there were only a few pistons working. I've checked the spark plugs, intec, wires and nothing. I've been told that it could be the catalytic converter.

Please help, here in Honduras the mechanics aren't as good.


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