Galloper Exceed 2.5 diesel

Perfect for its purpose. I like it

148 words, Norway, 1 comment


Galloper TD Intercooler turbo diesel

Simple, honest, comfortable. Built to last mechanically, but with cheapish plastics and bad switches

193 words, Israel, 1 comment


Galloper 2.5 Intercooler turbo diesel

Ideal for Icelandic snow and ice

134 words, Iceland

Galloper 5 door LWB 2.5 turbo diesel Intercooler

Not the best in it's class, but very reliable and an excellent value

88 words, Honduras, 1 comment

Galloper 2 LWB V6 3.0L

Disappointed with the electronics... otherwise it is a solid performer

144 words, United Arab Emirates, 23 comments


Galloper II Exceed LWB 3.0 V6 petrol

An old-school, sub-frame SUV-off-roader

1103 words, Greece, 1 comment

Galloper petrol

Nice reliable vehicle

79 words, Saudi Arabia, 1 comment

Galloper II 2.5 turbo diesel

Excellent value for money

127 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

Galloper Exceed 2 3.0 V6

To be avoided as an off-road vehicle.

157 words, Saudi Arabia, 17 comments

Galloper 3L petrol

Big performance, small price.

70 words, Qatar

Galloper Deluxe 7 passengers 2.5 turbo diesel Intercooler

It is a very good car and is is cheaper than other similar cars

140 words, Costa Rica, 18 comments

Galloper Base 3.0 V6

Cheap, all OK, got my moneys worth

66 words, Saudi Arabia


Galloper 3.0 benzin

Reliable and solid; pity they don't produce it anymore

237 words, Greece


Galloper I 2.5 diesel (non-turbo)

It was a good value for the money

150 words, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8 comments