7th Jun 2004, 07:12

I have just driven the Getz - not impressed at all. Give me the Daewoo Kalos any day - a superb car and very roomy.

Much preferred it to the Getz when test driving the two.

15th Jul 2004, 09:53

The Daewoo Kalos has been developed with Vauxhall/General Motors, with the professional development staff from both companies working together. On the other hand, Hyundai is in league with Kia, and I think that says it all really. The Hyundai Getz may be cheaper, but it comes down to the old logic of "you get what you pay for."

Most UK people would agree that Daewoo carries more kudos and brand recognition than the Hyundai/Kia consortium.

My aunt and uncle looked (previous owned a Matiz) looked at the new Daewoo Kalos and the Toyota Yaris; eventually purchasing the Yaris. They did not and would never have considered a Hyundai or Kia!

24th Oct 2004, 15:23

Hyundai own Kia and Daimler Chrysler own Hyundai - the fact that the Daewoo brand has been axed in the u. k (or will be axed come January 2005) speaks volumes - sorry, but Hyundai do make superior car to Daewoo.

Lets hope when Chevrolet get some new models as soon as possible after the handover in January (from Daewoo - Chevrolet) and get rid of daewoo's inferior range.

18th Aug 2005, 10:44

I'm from Australia and used to be a suffering ford man. After looking at Honda Jazz, Toyota Echo, Daihatsu Sirion, Mazda 2 and Hyundai Getz at the Melbourne International Motor Show, I decided it might be worth taking a test drive in a few of the above as they all impressed. The one that won me over was the Getz... fit and finish, warranty price features, but most of all the sales people from the dealership were excellent! I was one of the last people I thought would ever have payed to own a "Korean" built "small" "hatchback"...but after 9000 very happy kms I feel proud of my decision.

5th Dec 2006, 21:28

I'm From Singapore, Just got the Face lift (1.1) Getz (for about 2 1/2 weeks now). So far. its OK, used it on a daily basis (to transport baby and wife). The passenger seats are spacious (my wife and baby seat fits well) no complaints.

Pickup is OK, although on steep slopes with 4 adult in the car, you may need to be in gear 1 and 2 only when negotiating uphills.

So far my mileage seems to be 12.5 - 12.9km/l (i hope that's because I just got the car, and I'm a new driver so tend to over-rev gear 1 unnecessarily and also because I'm city driving) I was hoping for at least 14km/l, I guess I have to live with its current mileage.

Other than that, the car seems OK, I just hope I can last 10 years (as in Singapore you can only keep a car for 10 years, after that you HAVE to Scrap it) and say good by to your car forever!!!

23rd Oct 2008, 10:22

I have been using a getz 1.1 MT for 6 months. I drove Kia Spectra and Ford Escape before. It is a good city car with good handling and spacious inside. Quite OK with this.