27th Jun 2006, 10:43


I’m having a second thought buying a Getz even though I’m considering buying the 1.5CRDI versus Vios 1.3 and Jazz 1.3. The Fuel Economy and Reliability are the main factors I’m looking and not the brand/made.

Fuel Consumption can be affected by many factors like vehicle condition, tire pressure, weather, driving conditions, weight & load of the vehicle and of course driving habit.

As I research, I found out that the Getz is heavy at a curb weight of 1050kg for the 1.1 L engine with 66 PS and 10.1 Kg-m of Torque, 1100kg for the 1.4 L engine with 95 PS and 12.7 Kg-m of Torque and 1150kg for the 1.5 L CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) Diesel with 110 PS and 24 Kg-m of torque. It is obvious that the 1.1L engine will be struggling when the car is loaded and AC on, it means you have to rev it more that leads to higher fuel consumption. The Vios is lighter with a curb weight of 930kg for 1.3E, but the body is not as solid as the Getz.

21st Jul 2006, 06:23

Hi, I also own a 1.1 li Getz model 2005. Well, I can't seem to imagine that other people seem to be too skeptical about this car,or how it performs, but as far as I'm concern, this car is good, practical- prior to its size, design, space and comfort. About the fuel consumption? I get 13-14 km./li, if others seem to get 11km/li? someone's right, maybe its your driving habit that ables you to have a higher fuel consumption, remember, your driving a 1.1li engine not a 3.0li V8.

26th Aug 2006, 23:40


I'm planning on getting a Hyundai getz 1.5 CRDi. Heard a lot of pleasing things about this car? Can anyone- those who have one- comment on this? Regards.

23rd Sep 2006, 00:47

Hi. My wife and I are planning to buy a car. With the upward spiral of fuel costs it is, but natural to buy a car that would be fuel efficient. That is why we considered buying a 1.4 L AT GETZ. But every time we were about to go to the car dealer we feel some doubts about the car. Has anyone driven a 1.4L AT Getz? Any comments about it? Thanks.

24th Sep 2006, 08:04

Hi. Everybody is into the fuel consumption aspect of the car. That's understood considering the soaring prices of gasoline these days that, by the way, is endless. I'm just wondering if car attributes like spare parts availability and resale value, among others, were considered as well in purchasing a car. Each car may have its pros and cons, but, of course, the one which outweighs the rest for the long-term gets bought, right? Of course, that's the one that offers better pros than cons. It's the overall aspects of the car that's what most people should consider. If you could name a car like that, I would really appreciate the help. Oh... not to mention, I prefer a brand new car that is less appealing to the car-nappers and thieves, statistically ;). Nobody wants to have their car stolen.

10th Nov 2006, 23:32

I love my car very much. I have a GETZ 1.3L. I bought it in 2005 as brand new and it is 33000 km now. I have the same problem. It consumes 11k/l. But I am not so unhappy about that. Let me explain the reason for this. It is because GETZ is heavier than its rivals aprx. 100 kg. This is because it has two steel horizontal bars inside the front side doors and one in the back doors. Once when I was in service and I saw a GETZ hit from the front side door in 90 km. I didn't believe it that there was no deformation inside the front side door. The driver was safe. I believe that my safety is always more important than everything. GETZ makes you feel this. The outer metal is a hard heavy metal that is better than other brands. Ask this to your local body shop. Have you seen the cars you compare after an accident. Fuel consumption is not important for a dead/disabled man.

2nd Feb 2007, 18:36

I had just bought a Hyundai Getz 1.1L hatchback. I love the sporty and elegant design. I was told that fuel consumption is 14.5km/L on city driving and 17km/L on highway. I test drive the car and was satisfied with the comfort, power and handling with the car fully occupied with 4 persons. But do not expect the car to perform like 1.3,1.6 or 2.0L car.Overall, it was an enjoyable ride. The car interior looks modern and solid. The plastic for the dashboard looks solid. It must have made some improvement on the materials. The doors feel more solid as compared to proton savvy 1.2L.The door handles of Getz have firmer grip also. The interior quality of Getz is much better than picanto and savvy.Overall, getz is the winner. Bet on it!!!I just cannot wait to drive my Getz home in another weeks time. Bye bye!!!

16th Feb 2007, 14:49

HI can somebody tell my how the getz 1.1 litre car is facing the bendings on the road? thanks.

30th Sep 2007, 04:37

Is it true that Getz have air con compressor problems?

3rd Oct 2007, 08:41

What the hell... That is fuel guzzler...

My girlfriend's Getz 1.1 does 20km/litre (=5 liters per 100km), and that is quite good. I don't find this car fuel guzzler, therefore I think there must be something wrong with yours. Fuel injection maybe?


4th Jan 2008, 07:12

You need to freewheel in gear to get the best mpg, if you dip the clutch then the engine uses fuel to keep running, not so if you are in gear, the momentum keeps it turning with much less fuel used.

If by 7th gear, you mean freewheeling with the engine off, then you are putting lives at risk.

PS: There is a lot more to life than mpg!

6th Jan 2008, 12:08

I do not know that the last comment has much to do with the topic!

However, for those who are interested I have now done some research with my cdx+. The problem with the getz is the wind resistance and so the faster you go the more it uses. Mine has the fuel consumption monitor. Going down a roughly level road one way I got 80 mpg at 50mph. On the way back against the wind at the same speed I was doing 56 mpg. When I turned off up a hill (not very steep) the mpg improved to 60mpg.

The car looks streamlined, but I guess it is not. So you need to keep the speed down if you are driving for economy.

13th May 2008, 05:16


I'm planning to buy a vios. can anybody help me about how fuel efficient this car is?

22nd Nov 2008, 09:59

I have a 1.4 AT Getz. Got it brand new last Sept 2008.

As of today, the odometer reading is around 2500 KM. I always record the distance traveled and the no. of liters to auto fill up the tank. The average FC is 7.2 KM/LT.


6th Jan 2009, 02:18

I bought a brand new Getz 1.6AT in April 2006. With regular service and all I thought it will last long. Last week the engine started to vibrate heavily and giving out weird noise so I sent it to a Hyundai Service Center. They couldn't rectify the problem. Fearing for the worse, I sent it to another service center. It turned out to be a broken crank-shaft! Since the warranty was only for 60,000 km, I had to bear the cost for a new crank shaft and it was not even 3 years old!