1st Feb 2009, 23:50

I have a 2005 Getz. It has a 60k km reading. My car got into an accident and it was stock for 3 months. When the car was already fixed, I had it serviced at the center for the 60 km's service check-up. Now when the car has run for an hour or more, it loses power (stalling). What I do is park it for a while, then drive it again. After a while the stalling comes back. PLEASE HELP.

27th Feb 2009, 10:36

I'm Lyn. I really want to buy a Getz car, so please help me. What is the least expensive, & I want 2nd hand cos the brand new is too expensive... Help me please...^_^

3rd Jun 2009, 05:39

Hi, I have March 2007 Hyundai Getz 1.3 L, which is driven approx. 48 K till now, it is having a power loss since beginning, on regular visits to Hyundai dealers, they don't know how to deal with such problems, they are just scanner readers, if the scanner says OK, everything is OK, otherwise not.

3rd Jul 2009, 17:11

I have had a 1.1 GSi Getz for 11 months now (03/07/09) and I must say the FE is not the best. I was getting 38mpg to 40mpg (13km/L - 14km/L) around Cornwall UK, which is very hilly, this is when I got the car. Then I read up on ECU's and heard that the Getz ECU has a learned function. I used to find the 1.1 engine struggle to keep up when I wanted to take it for a rag around, it took about 5 minutes of driving hard for the engine to start to perform, after that time it was better. Now I change gear at 2k-2.2k and have found the engine to seem to learn that I will do this, it seems to now be better at the lower rev range and is returning much better FE, around 44mpg (15.5km/L) in hilly Cornwall.

I took the rear seats out last time I filled the tank up to use the car as a van. the rear seats are heavy! really heavy! That tank just returned 47.2 mpg (16.7km/L) still in hilly Cornwall.

I have just driven the car 350 miles fully loaded I would say 450 kgs with me in it. On A roads and motorway speeds (65mph - 70mph) and the car returned 45mpg.

So overall I think the 1.1L engine Getz needs to be worked harder then most small cars as:

Getz is heavy.

Engine is only 66bhp.

Gearing is poorly matched to engine power.

I would suggest to rev to 2K - 2.5K in day to day driving.

Rev to 3K up hills and change down at 2.7K on day to day driving.

On motorways and A roads/dual carriage, rev to 2.5K and change down at 3.2K whilst tackling big hills.

Overall the Getz is a good car; there are better cars out there, but the Getz is cheap for what you get, and I am happy overall.

8th Mar 2010, 10:02

Where is the fuel filter located on a Getz 1600 diesel?

15th Dec 2010, 10:24

I have a Getz 1.1L. It is very smooth to drive and feels very solid. The interior is very spacious, you would not think it's a sub compact car.

I get about 11 - 12 K/L city driving often in moderate to heavy traffic. Not a problem in almost 3 years except a battery change and a busted ceiling lamp.

One thing I noticed about this car is that the engine is a little bit underpowered when in stop and go traffic. But once on the go, the engine feels perky and powerful. I think the 1.3L model is a better choice for this.

Anyway, I'm really very happy with my car and have no regrets about buying it.

23rd Mar 2013, 22:01

I just have a 2005 Getz, and I get 15-16k/l city and uphill to Baguio City, Philippines! Wow!

25th Dec 2016, 16:59

I bought a Getz 1.1. It is the worst car in the world. It couldn't make more than 12km/liter. You can buy another car from Japan or Germany with a 1.5 engine; it will be more economic.