3rd Jan 2014, 09:34

OP back again, with nothing much to report at only about 5k miles!

The remote locking has only frozen once since I last reported, but pressing the 'lock' then 'unlock' buttons a few times cured it on the spot, so I'm not dead sure it was a fault as such. In any case, I won't be asking for it to be fixed - just not worth the bother.

Otherwise, all is as it was on my last report. The slight low-speed RNS rattle is still there - and I will be asking for that to be fixed - but over about 20mph you don't hear it.

Road noise on rough surfaces remains the main annoyance, but is still not something I get too excited about. I understand that Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response tyres might be better, but doubt I'll ever get around to changing!

I've read that no such problem is apparent in the Kia Ceed, which I find very odd as the platforms are identical. Anyone have an answer on that?

I've recently discovered that you can play music from a USB memory stick! I have my entire collection on a stick, and not only does it play logically, you can also save tracks to the car's internal memory ('My Music'). In my ignorance, though, once started, I can't discover how to turn it off, unless you either turn the whole radio off, or switch to ordinary radio. The manual's no help either.

Anything else? No - it's all very boring!

One thing, though - those 2011/2 media reports that said that VW was carefully examining the quality of this i30? What they actually meant was that VW had taken a look and were curled up laughing! Sorry, Hyundai - even though my i30 is commendably rattle and squeak-free - you have a long way to go in the build quality dept. Panel fit/gaps are disgraceful!

Cheers - Peter.

21st Mar 2014, 08:04

OP again. Just had 1st (interim) service at a very reasonable £115 - quite impressed by this as my previous similar type cars have all been around £170.

Not so impressive was a failure to address any of the minor problems raised, but garage mechanics don't do fault diagnosis, do they? Just bolt off / bolt on merchants.

Anyway, one of these was the light RNS rattle previously mentioned. They heard it, but as the security of the damper mountings etc were OK, came to the conclusion that they wouldn't investigate further. As it doesn't bother me to any great extent, there doesn't seem any point in pushing it.

Secondly, a hesitation when gently accelerating under 2000 RPM sometimes occurs. This has got more noticeable in the last 1000 miles or so. VERY similar to the EGR valve problem on the diesel, which is fairly well known. They couldn't reproduce it so that was the end of that. To be fair, it doesn't happen all the time.

Thirdly and more minor - the driver's door handle has become graunchy to operate. Again they didn't agree, so I guess I'll have to have the inner door panel off and do the lube job myself. A minor and simple job, but beyond your average professional. I'll wait for the summer as it's worse in hot weather.

I also asked for any feedback (from customers or any source) about quieter tyres - ignored!

Still, it was cheap!!!

2nd Jun 2014, 07:07

Well, I fancied a change, so it's going soon!

However, whoever ends up with it will have a decent car.

The reported hesitation appears to have been down to a tank of duff petrol. I've put a couple of tanks of super unleaded in and it's been OK.

The rattly boot is minor and most probably wouldn't even notice.

So, no reason to avoid, I'd say!