1997 Hyundai Lantra from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and affordable mechanically


The Hyundai cosmetic parts of the car are quite bad. After years of use, it's started to deteriorate. Everything inside of the car has slowly broken, like the electric windows and doors are jammed, stereo had suddenly stopped working, indicators play up, air conditioning doesn't work anymore.. but mechanically it is not a bad car, I never had major problems with it.

I only needed to replace minor parts of the car due to years of use, like the battery, disc, tyres.

I have never really spent over 500 dollars on each part of car to get it replaced or repaired.

General Comments:

The car I would continue to use and repair it if needed as the motor is still good.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2011

8th Sep 2012, 00:03

My family bought a Hyundai Lantra 1997 in 1998. We are the second owners of the vehicle. I'm not sure how many KMs were on it when they first purchased it, but the car then got handed down to me for my first P Plate car.

I am now 22, we have had the car for 14 years, and it has now done around 380,000 KMs. It has been the best car! So easy to fix; we did have minor problems, but they were so cheap to fix!

I think they should make a 2012 model, but with new features, and make sure the front of the car where the engine and pumps are, and oil and everything goes, isn't so squishy. They should make more room, so the car's easier to work on if it needs to be fixed!!

Such a great car!!! I would recommend this car to anyone!!

2nd Jun 2014, 00:13

Have to agree. I've had my 5 speed manual since 2005. It had done 150,000 km when I bought it. It's done 322,000 km now. I don't baby it when I drive it; just drive it normally.

Must change engine oil and filter at least every 8-10 thousand Ks. Use synthetic blend of oil. Replaced the old rear shocks with gas shocks. Really good motor. Look how many of them are around still. They are an underrated car.

1997 Hyundai Lantra SE Station Wagon 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Good value for a first time driver


Unidentified rattle in the motor. Most likely the timing belt needs replacing. Looking at $700AUD to replace.

There is a wobble in the front wheels at 20-30km/hr.

The rear suspension is squeaking, and will need replacing soon.

The car struggles up hill if going more than 80km/hr.

Interior is excellent for a 10 year old car.

Under the hood is impressive also. Very well represented, and it all still looks in good condition.

General Comments:

Good car to have if you want an economical station wagon.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

1997 Hyundai Lantra GLSi estate 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A poor-mans Vauxhall Astra


Drivers door lock barrel worn quickly and had to be replaced.

Spurious central locking fault.

Boot light micro switch snapped off.

Exterior tailgate handle broke off.

Rear left passenger door stay broke in two.

Front electric windows sloppy in their window guides (slow to raise).

Rear left passenger door electric window pulley cable jumped off it's spooler tangling itself up and rendering the window inoperative.

Front washer pump packed in.

General Comments:

Very good brakes.

Plenty of room inside cabin.

Poor ventilation with windows open.

Terrible fuel-sapping performance from the automatic gear box.

Front seats very unsupportive.

Rear seats hard-as-hell and most uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

12th Oct 2006, 06:53

August 2006: Alternator Voltage Regulator failed causing 19V to go back into the battery and nearly made it boil dry. Airbag warning light remains on constantly due to this happening. It cost me £90.00 to have the alternator repaired and the garage would liked to have charged me a further £35.00 to reset the airbag light!!!

12th Oct 2006, 07:00

September 2006: Rear left passenger window pulley cable became detached and tangled itself up rendering the window inoperative. Garage said the cable was not available on it's own - a whole new electric window motor (complete assembly) must be purchased.

12th Oct 2006, 07:04

October 2006: Front windscreen washer pump has stopped working. Fuse OK. Water reservoir OK. Guess just the pump has failed as there is no noise coming from it at all.