Matrix CDI 1.5

I do a lot of miles, give me a bigger diesel

52 words, UK and Ireland

Matrix GLS 1.6 Gasoline

Really spacious, but too noisy

89 words, Oman, 1 comment

Matrix GLS 1.6

Space in Spades

263 words, Singapore, 1 comment

Matrix GLi 1.6

Space over Grace and Pace!

114 words, Singapore

Matrix CDX 1.8

Loved the car, now I cannot rely on it!

121 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Matrix GLS 1.6

Fantastic...good value for money

14 words, Singapore

Matrix GLS 1.6

A car worth buying; both looks and performance

73 words, Singapore, 2 comments

Matrix 1.6 petrol

An affordable European designed car which meets all its requirements in its class

80 words, Indonesia

Matrix GL 1.6 petrol

A good choice for a second car

23 words, Indonesia