Matrix 1.6

Good car for everybody

107 words, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Matrix GL 1.6 petrol

Cheap, good and reliable

150 words, Singapore

Matrix GLS? 1.8

It's the Swiss Army knife of cars

191 words, Taiwan

Matrix 1.5 CRDi diesel Engine


40 words, Philippines, 1 comment

Matrix GLS 1.8

Very good family car

93 words, Lebanon, 5 comments

Matrix CRDI 1.5 turbo diesel

This car is a real value for money

75 words, Philippines

Matrix CRDI 1.5 turbo diesel

A versatile, powerful car worth every Philippine Peso which is hard to earn nowadays.

393 words, Philippines, 2 comments

Matrix LT 1.6 gasoline

It is all in one, the best car I have ever seen .

135 words, Egypt, 4 comments

Matrix GLS 1.6 Auto

A car I have in my dream

104 words, Singapore, 9 comments

Matrix 1.6

Overall the car offers great value for money

171 words, Egypt