2003 Hyundai Santa Fe GSi 2.4 from UK and Ireland


I have owned the Santa Fe for about a year and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

The car is excellent to drive and is very smooth and refined.

The fixtures and fittings are all of excellent quality (contrary to motor magazines opinions) and nothing squeaks.

The specification is absolutely superb on this base model.

You can't beat the five year manufacturer's warranty.

I use my car for towing a large caravan and it excels at this task.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2004

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe CDX 2.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent value for money package


The only problem I have had with the car so far has been the Sony radio unit. This was replaced 5 times before the faults were fixed.

General Comments:

I have been very impressed with the car.

Performance has been excellent.

Build quality good also.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe FWD 2.7 litre from North America


Great value for the price!


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this vehicle. It was purchased in February 2003, and it has performed admirably since I brought it home.

The only thing I should have made note of was that the engine was only 2.7 liter, which is a bit small for a vehicle weighing in at 3700 lbs. If you want a Santa Fe, get the 3.5 liter engine. The 2.7 does OK, but don't expect quick pick-up or passing ability. This was not a priority with me originally, however during the past 8 months I do notice that I miss it.

General Comments:

I would recommend Hyundai to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

The Waterloo dealership had exceptional staff and it was by far the most comfortable auto dealership we visited.

It would be nice if more options were available on the FWD model.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2003

23rd Jun 2004, 20:04

Obviously, you work for honda or toyota.

14th Feb 2006, 20:08

Obviously, grammar and spelling are not that important it seems. Hyundai vehicles are good. They must work for KIA.

10th Mar 2006, 22:38

I heard you cannot really leave the road with a Santa Fe or a Tucson since it is built on a car's frame. Is this true? Does it have 4X4?

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 from North America


A terrific vehicle that won't let you down


No problems at all.

General Comments:

We bought this vehicle in April with 0% financing for 60 months. In addition I received an owner loyalty discount of $1000, bringing total price, including destination, to $22,200. The fit and finish, Monsoon sound system, and comfort levels are top notch.

We averaged 25 MPG on a round trip from Omaha to Las Vegas this summer and were driving, on the average, 12-hour days with no complaints from my teen daughters in the rear seat.

I have owned several large cars over the years and with the exception of my 94 Lincoln Continental, this is perhaps the best highway vehicle I have owned.

I currently have two Hyundais. I have a review posted on my 99 Sonata here as well. I know there are other makes out there with stellar reputations, but don't count this manufacturer out.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

5th Nov 2006, 16:29

As the original reviewer, I will update this. At 47,000 miles, the vehicle has been absolutely trouble-free. No squeaks or rattles are present whatsoever. The engine, if anything, has picked up a little better performance and fuel economy (27 MPG highway). I did switch from 89 octane E-10 ethanol blend gasoline to 87 octane. For the next vehicle purchase, I am looking at Hyundai first.

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 3.5L from North America


Great value for the price


No problems so far.

General Comments:

The car has some zip to it, I had read the 2002's were underpowered. The 3.5L is a quiet, smooth runner and accelerates acceptably. I wouldn't consider any of the other smaller displacement engines offered. Transmission shifts are almost unnoticeable, and the ride is surprisly smooth.

The front seating is comfortable, control placement functional. The rear seating area, while not as roomy as the Mercury Villager we traded in, seats my 3 children comfortably. Three adults would be cramped in the rear seats. The rear storage area is spacious enough for most grocery getting and light hauling.

Overall, the Sante Fe was the best value for the price of all the small SUV's we considered. Combined with the fantastic warranty we couldn't pass it up.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003