2009 Hyundai Santa Fe GL 2.7L V6 from North America


Nice, plush, quiet, but one bothersome defect...


The fuel sensors have begun working erratically, setting a "check engine" trouble code.

General Comments:

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a decent midsize SUV. It's really more of an AWD minivan, and more suited to the occasional cruise down a dirt road and very handy for snow and bad weather, but not a real backcountry rig. The ride is amazingly plush and comfortable, and the vehicle excels at long road trips. The puny 2.7L V6 is surprisingly powerful, and I have no problem pulling over steep mountain passes in the western US. It's no pavement burner, but has no issue with the 80 mph speed limits of wide open highways in Utah.

The four-speed automatic has an easy-to-use manual mode that seems to work well. Sometimes the transmission lags in downshifting when the pedal is pushed down, so those who seek a responsive vehicle will probably be disappointed. There's a lot of handy storage space, and the passenger cabin is comfortable and well laid out.

Recently, the vehicle fell victim to the common Hyundai glitch of defective fuel sensors. Evidently, this is an epically common problem with this manufacturer. It sets a trouble code in your emissions system, requiring very expensive repair. It seems the only way to do the job is to pull the sending units up through hatches in the floorboards (requiring the removal of the rear seat, and exposing your interior to the likelihood of being splashed and soaked with gasoline). This is just utter stupidity and poor design. I will just use the trip odometer to meter fuel flow, and live with the "check engine" light, using my code reader to make sure that other codes haven't been loaded.

Otherwise, according to most mechanics, that's the only goblin that haunts the 2009 Santa Fe. I'll have to count myself lucky and hope it holds together. Other than that significant flaw, I really like the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2015

2009 Hyundai Santa Fe LTD AWD from North America




Nothing has gone wrong so far!

General Comments:

Love the Santa Fe. Very reliable, roomy, awesome sound system, and handles extremely well on the highway. Lots of cargo space.

The interior is very high quality with easy to read controls etc. Air conditioning is second to none.

Can't believe how quiet it is - have stopped to talk to people while sitting in my vehicle, and they have asked me numerous times if my vehicle is actually running, as they can't hear it.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2011

10th Mar 2013, 22:01

I just picked up a used 09 Santa Fe, and the thing that hit me after having it for a few days was the quiet: it was so plush and silent that I had to get used to the lack of noise. My previous vehicle was a wonderful little Chevrolet Tracker, but though a great vehicle, it was noisy and rough riding. This thing is like some sort of luxury sled: it whispers down the interstate, ghosts over bumps, and is a real treat to drive. I'm really enjoying this very excellent machine!

2009 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 3.3L from North America


Won't buy another Hyundai!


Brake cleaning done twice, in 55000kms @ $150/service.

Coolant flush @ 48000kms.

Brake flush @ 48000kms.

Induction service @ 48000kms. I mentioned bad gas mileage, and this service has not improved anything.

Headlights burn out easily.

Seems like the most expensive "regular maintenance" vehicle out there.

Transmission is sluggish and shifting poorly.

Averaging 450kms/tank of gas - 75 litre tank, and I am not a race car driver.

Body panels shifting, seams of panels not as the day the car was purchased.

General Comments:

Car is generally comfortable for long drives.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2011

1st Jan 2013, 15:51

General maintenance should not be considered a "fault". Whether they are "expensive" to you or not, depends on who you deal with and who is doing the work. An oil change can become "expensive" if you take it to a mechanic that purposely breaks things so he has to fix them for you. Not saying that's what has happened here, but it's not a new thing.

Transmission is sluggish. How long has it been since you've changed your ATF? I do partial changes, and when the ATF hits roughly 40,000 miles, I suck as much out as I can and replace it with fresh. The SUV shifts so smooth it's like a new vehicle. Any vehicle will shift rough if it has not been maintained, fluids included.

Headlights... they burn out. Brakes... need replacing. Coolant... not a big deal.

Now if you've done all of your scheduled maintenance and the vehicle grenades itself, you have a dud. I have not seen this happen in the case of the Santa Fe.