2000 Hyundai Sonata Sedan 2.4 from North America


Piece of crap. Would pay someone to take it!


Where do I start!!! There were a lot of problems with this car, I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this piece of crap. After:

- 1 week: The drive belt started squeaking LOUD! Got the belt replaced.. One of the back doors won't open.

- 3 weeks: The doors froze shut, the belt was squeaking again and the muffler is really loud!

- 1 1/2 months: The timing belt went, the crank sensor went, the driving belt went and the muffler is still loud!

- 1 3/4 months: The wheel bearings went, the wheel cylinders, the brake pads, and the drive belt AGAIN!!!

After all this it's still squeaking, and the muffler is still loud!!!

- Currently: It's stalling when you turn it on, or when driving down the road! It's revving too high, and it's causing lots of vibration. Half of the speakers don't work, the center console broke off, the trunk won't open unless you open the button from the inside, and the radiator is going on it!

All the problems above repeating themselves over and over and over again.

PLUS needed a tow twice in the last month!

General Comments:

The car is comfortable, but nothing else!!! Getting rid of it as soon as I possibly can!! Even if I have to pay someone to take it!!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2010

2000 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2.7 V6 from North America


Don't buy


At 104,000 miles I had to replace the radiator. Also at that same mileage the car wouldn't pass the emissions test. I ended up sinking about a grand into it at that time.

I've had a few other minor things go wrong with the car that added up quick.

Now at 123,500 miles, the rear left strut broke out of place, making an annoying clunking noise in the trunk. But because of the pressure on the front end of the car from it not being held in place, the front axle snapped on the right hand side. So to completely fix the car, it's going to take about 2000 dollars when it's only worth 2500.

General Comments:

Good pick up on the highway.

Decent handling.

A lot of road noise.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2009

8th Jun 2009, 20:07

You're being a little harsh on an 11-year-old car that has gone over 120,000 miles. We didn't even get that many years or miles out of our Honda before selling it to a junk dealer.

19th Jan 2011, 21:14

Must have been bad cars. Mine runs perfectly; only gripe is the front end frame rusted due to salt buildup, and a new part is almost 700 bucks. I'm still in debt from that, but overall a good ride.

2000 Hyundai Sonata GL from North America


Piece of junk


Oil pan leak.

Leaking gas filler hose.

Rear wheel bearings make a droning sound.

Rack and pinion steering system needs replacing.

Gas leaking.

Check engine light is on almost constantly.

Multiple sensors related to engine/tranny are malfunctioning, causing the car to go into fits of stalling at slow speeds. Dealer cannot fix.

Driver side window does not go up all the way.

Gas and rear trunk door latches are rusted so badly I can barely pull them.

Brake lines had to be replaced.

Brakes replaced.

Locks freeze up in winter.

General Comments:

Bought this car thinking Hyundai had improved its quality since that is what I've been hearing from many sources. Apparently this car is still from the era of deplorable quality as it is a complete piece of junk. I'm now staring at a $2000+ repair bill.

The car itself has decent power, but it's not great for a V6. It's comfortable to drive on highways, but sloppy in around town. The seating position is too low in the car, and it's hard to find a good position for the driver's seat.

If it wasn't for the horrible reliability issues, the car would have been OK. But how can I trust a company that releases cars with major stalling issues that could put my family at risk? I will be ditching this car as soon as next inspection is due and buying a Toyota. Even new Hyundai cars, although much better built, haven't had a chance to prove their long term reliability so I would be extremely cautious. The only way to ensure you will have a very reliable car is to buy a Honda or Toyota. It's as simple as that.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2009