2001 Hyundai Sonata 4 cylinder from North America


Piece of junk


Battery had to be replaced in less than 2 years. Dealer replaced it at no charge.

Driver's side window would not go up, required new cables.

Passenger's side window would not go up, required new cables.

Clear-coat started to lift and eventually peeled off the bumper. Dealer would not help me because I had 38,000 miles on the car. Called Hyundai, received a case number and never could get a representative to call me. I gave up. Paint is now peeling everywhere.

Tint on windows peeled and bubbled. Looks horrible. This was an after market item, but was included with the car purchase. Dealer will not replace.

Back doors wouldn't open. It took 4 service visits to get the part right for just one power door!

Windshield wipers stop in the middle of the windshield when in use. Replacing the motor did not resolve the problem entirely. Works now on fast speed, but often can't get them to go down. Intermittent setting just stops anywhere on the windshield.

Radio speakers need replacement. Problems started after about 4 years.

Car died on interstate and was told I needed a battery after an expensive tow. Paid Hyundai dealer over $140 and it stalled the next day. Turned out to be the alternator. This was at 55K miles.

New problem today. Another door won't open. This time it is the front passenger door. Car has approx 55,600 miles.

General Comments:

Engine is very sluggish, but has run okay for over 5 years.

Most of my problems have been with the power locks and the power windows. Told it is the heat, but never had this problem with other cars in Florida.

Brakes have always squeaked since 20K miles, so it's hard to know when they need to be replaced. Told it must be "sand" or "dust" but never had this problem with any other car.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2006

2001 Hyundai Sonata from North America


A major lemon that is not worth the lousy warranty or the comfort of it's drive - when it works!


The air conditioner has gone out every year since purchased.

When the air conditioner did work, the car made a whining noise while steering.

The 4th time I paid over $400 (In 2005) and it went out again. Remains out.

The sunroof wind flap screw and attachment rusted off the third year - over $200. Remains off today.

All for window motors have broken and two windows have been off track. One is broken now.

The brake shoes have been replaced, but squeak.

The electrical system went out the second year.

The radio went out the second year.

The starter just went out.

The air sensor assembly system went out after the 4th year - they wanted over $200 to replace - still out.

The check engine light stays on all the time.

Two recalls: Airbag and T07 - gas cap recall causing problem with sensor assembly - cap replaced.

Constant heat from vents - repaired.

Loose door case - repaired

I had religiously taken the car in for service checks.

I too tried to talk to the Hyundai Customer Service representative without any help!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

23rd Feb 2007, 03:07

Just one question.. What did you expect when buying a Korean car? It's not a Japanese you know... if you want a reliable car that will last you BUY A Japanese.

HYUNDAI AND KIA ARE THE SAME COMPANY. 10-15 years ago... Koreans had trouble installing stereo systems in their cars because electronis were too "complicated". And you expected that a Hyundai would be reliable. Damn... next time read the reviews about the car before you buy it.

Go to Toyota, Honda, whatever... any Japanese company... and buy yourself a real car. And by the way...I'm not Asian, I'm American, so don't think I'm "Patriotic about cars" like some Americans are. And then you see them on these damn surveys saying how bad their cars are.

BUY A Japanese <PeAcE>

23rd Feb 2007, 15:51

To 03:07: Are you a qualified auto reviewer? I see my share of negative reviews of Japanese cars on this site. You probably have not been within 50 feet of a Hyundai. Indulge in something you know about.