2001 Hyundai Sonata from North America


A major lemon that is not worth the lousy warranty or the comfort of it's drive - when it works!


The air conditioner has gone out every year since purchased.

When the air conditioner did work, the car made a whining noise while steering.

The 4th time I paid over $400 (In 2005) and it went out again. Remains out.

The sunroof wind flap screw and attachment rusted off the third year - over $200. Remains off today.

All for window motors have broken and two windows have been off track. One is broken now.

The brake shoes have been replaced, but squeak.

The electrical system went out the second year.

The radio went out the second year.

The starter just went out.

The air sensor assembly system went out after the 4th year - they wanted over $200 to replace - still out.

The check engine light stays on all the time.

Two recalls: Airbag and T07 - gas cap recall causing problem with sensor assembly - cap replaced.

Constant heat from vents - repaired.

Loose door case - repaired

I had religiously taken the car in for service checks.

I too tried to talk to the Hyundai Customer Service representative without any help!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

23rd Feb 2007, 03:07

Just one question.. What did you expect when buying a Korean car? It's not a Japanese you know... if you want a reliable car that will last you BUY A Japanese.

HYUNDAI AND KIA ARE THE SAME COMPANY. 10-15 years ago... Koreans had trouble installing stereo systems in their cars because electronis were too "complicated". And you expected that a Hyundai would be reliable. Damn... next time read the reviews about the car before you buy it.

Go to Toyota, Honda, whatever... any Japanese company... and buy yourself a real car. And by the way...I'm not Asian, I'm American, so don't think I'm "Patriotic about cars" like some Americans are. And then you see them on these damn surveys saying how bad their cars are.

BUY A Japanese <PeAcE>

23rd Feb 2007, 15:51

To 03:07: Are you a qualified auto reviewer? I see my share of negative reviews of Japanese cars on this site. You probably have not been within 50 feet of a Hyundai. Indulge in something you know about.

2001 Hyundai Sonata from North America


Research the resale value... That should convince you that you're buying junk!


No oil cap when I drove the car off the lot.

Air-bag light on every 50 or so miles. Explained by poorly placed wires under the driver's seat.

Battery died after 2 weeks.

Rear driver's side window motor is dead.

Driver's side window has slipped 8 times!

Engine light after engine light after engine light!

Replaced alternator (dealer price was almost twice as high as a local reputable repair shop)!

Most repairs we needed were not covered by "America's Best Warranty" even during the warranty period.

Transmission is slipping.

A/C went out at 75,000 miles. A/C specialty shop fixed it twice and is baffled!

Check engine light is on again and EVERY mechanic is baffled. Every single repair shop (4 in total) recommended taking the car back to the dealership's service department as they are clueless to the meaning of the engine light.

General Comments:

The service department where I purchased my Sonata has been less than helpful. Less than a week after buying the car, I went back to the dealer as I noticed there was NO OIL CAP! The service MANAGER blamed me for that. Why would I shell out $18,000 over the course of 5 years just to yank an oil cap out at mile number 15???

We have spent countless hours in the "waiting room" as they examined our car and came back with a ridiculously high repair price. Every time we've been in there, we've been made to feel like WE were inconvieniencing THEM! After the 5th or 6th repair I asked for a "loaner car" and they looked at me as if I asked for the moon. "We only have 3", I was told. After a lengthy conversation they magically found a fourth.

We've received surveys in the mail and answered them honestly about how disappointed we were. The SERVICE MANAGER actually called my house and DEMANDED we give her better marks on the survey!!! How's that for service?

I will NEVER buy another Hyundai. I will never shop at my local Hyundai dealership again. I don't get my car repaired at my local dealership anymore. I recommend NONE of my friends provide any business to the local dealership.

I believe "Hyundai" is Korean for "Money Pit".

I had a Dodge that caught on fire while I was driving it... and I still like it better than my Hyundai!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2006

6th Aug 2007, 01:05

Oh my goodness, that is so funny, but so honest... sucks too.

8th Aug 2007, 01:35

I've had a Sonata of that model year and it was OK besides the check engine light. But you're right on your warranty comments. In the advertising it's portrayed that you are buying a quality car backed up by a comprehensive warranty lasting for many years. But the warranty just covers so few things.

And there's a catch, and it is as follows: the instruction books says that in the event of a check engine light, the car should be stopped and the dealership should be contacted. So that's what I did in the beginning. But there was really nothing wrong with my car, even if the check engine light came on all the time. The dealership charged me $80 every time they did a reset of the light + $40 for towing me, assuming I was no further than 30 miles away. But they never fixed anything.

In the end I just ignored the check engine light, and I drove like that for more than two years, even if the tech said I was voiding my warranty by doing that. But I can't spend $100+ every second week to have them reset the computer. In the end I did a trade-in for a Nissan, even if I lost $13,000 over three years or so on the trade.