2001 Hyundai Sonata Base from North America


When it runs, you'll love it..


The alternator went bad at 34,000 miles (1.5 months after purchasing the vehicle).

The factory stereo quit working at 34,300 miles.

The passenger side headlight wiring went bad at 36,500 miles.

A wheel bearing went bad at 41000 miles (it is still in the shop).

General Comments:

This vehicle is not the worst vehicle I have ever seen. It is comfortable and drives nicely. The trunk is roomy, and the cabin seats four comfortably.

That said, I am frustrated with the nickel-and-dime aspect of the vehicle. It seems like there is always something (minor or major) wrong with the car. Sometimes, it's just an annoyance, like the headlight problem, but I can't help, but wonder what else will go wrong with the vehicle in the future.

I contemplated trading the vehicle in, but found that the resale value has drastically decreased (and, of course, I overpaid for the vehicle, according to dealerships I sought to trade it to), so I am $5,000 upside down on a loan for a car I have only possessed for a little over a year. Thus, I am stuck with the Sonata.

I wish I had gotten the chance to visit the Hyundai service center before purchasing this vehicle. every time I have had the vehicle serviced, at least one of the representatives has made a comment about how "you should have known better". I even heard one of them saying "how stupid people are for buying these pieces of ****" when I took the car in this morning.

Guess I'm not alone.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

1st Sep 2004, 09:23

I couldn't agree with you more. I purchased a used one a year old. I've had it for two and half years and it's at 64,000 miles. The timing belts went out and left me stranded. Cost me $1235 to get it fixed, because they said the valves were bent now. I've also had a bad experience with the service department. I have now taken it back four times because it is still not fixed. It stalled out the very same day I picked it up. The service counselors are rude and constantly try to make you feel ignorant for not knowing their job. My airbags have been recalled twice and the light constantly comes on.

13th Nov 2005, 19:46

First of all, the new engines in cars do not use push rods like the old engines did. So it would be very unlikely to bend the valves in a roller lifter engine. So you got ripped off. I've had a car that the timing belt broke on as I was driving down the road, and I went home and put a new timing belt on and it was as good as new.

5th May 2006, 12:05

The timing belt is a schedule replacement at 60K miles. If you, but any car over 60K, you should check to see if the belt was scheduled for replacement and if it was done.

28th Sep 2008, 21:58

Whether an engine uses pushrods or has overhead camshafts has no bearing on the outcome of a broken timing belt/chain. It's the design of the engine that is key - is the engine an "interference" design? This means "is it possible for the piston to come into contact with a valve stuck at maximum lift". In some engines, it's not - the crankshaft can freewheel without ever hitting any valves. Most engines, however, do interfere.

The trouble is you don't know what your engine will do until your timing belt breaks, or your chain has stretched and jumped a few teeth. Unless, that is, you did the research beforehand so you knew what to expect - catastrophic engine failure, or merely a disconnected valvetrain.

2001 Hyundai Sonata GL 2.5 from North America


A great value - all round reliable, comfortable vehicle


Rear drivers side window mechanism failed - repaired under warranty.

Side air bag recall - repaired free.

General Comments:

This is an understated comfortable vehicle.

It is reliable.

It has many standard features that are extras on Honda and Toyota.

It is roomy and comfortable on long journeys.

I get around 28 miles to the gallon.

The warranty is outstanding.

The only failing is the manual gearshift which has to be one of the worst I have ever experienced. It spoils what would be an excellent vehicle.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004

15th Sep 2014, 15:55

It amazes me to hear so much complaining about a great car. I have a 2001 Sonata Gold Edition - sweetest car I've ever owned. Have 115,000 KM now. It appears this site is for Hyundai negativity. I know Hyundai very well as I was B.C.'s top Hyundai Salesman in 2001. I can tell you my neighbor owns a 1 year old Honda and is having troubles with it and now wishes he had bought a Hyundai. Take a look at all the awards Hyundai has taken and that they have slaughtered the Japanese cars. I hear some of you say buy Japanese if you want dependability. Well now, I guess you didn't know Hyundai was using a Japanese motor, and guess what - Chrysler was using the same Japanese V6.

Before trying to explain - in your opinion that Hyundai was a bad investment, I would suggest you investigate the information you can get about your car before trying to sound like you were so hard done by.

My family also own Hyundais and are very satisfied. One has said it's the best car investment he ever made. You have the opportunity to read reviews on the internet, and will find there are more people saying good things about Hyundai than against.