7th Apr 2008, 13:49

I believe it would be useful to the discussion to note that Hyundai and Kia have the same parent company; the Hyundai Kia Motor Co. It appears that Kia is Hyundai's 'lower image' brand, although I am unsure if this translates into lower quality. I would imagine that anyone not recognizing the tremendous quality improvements of the Hyundai brand to be completely out of touch with the automotive industry worldwide.

On the point of being a 'budget' car, the launch of the new Genesis should finally put to rest the notion that this brand is for people operating on a limited budget... what I think will not change is that Hyundai is a 'value' car, which is completely different to 'budget'.

The Hyundai buyer of today tends to be well informed, well researched and intelligent about risk.

9th Apr 2008, 12:59

Hyundai and Kia have the same poor image, that's why their cars are so cheap... to entice people into purchasing them. Neither company has any real brand equity.

Hyundai and Kia buyers of today are looking for the lowest common denominator motoring.

17th Jun 2008, 09:04

It's rather interesting how everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to trash the Hyundai/Kia images. You can tell when a manufacturer is succeeding these days. Just look at all of the commercials on the TV that advertise Hyundai; a phenomenal marketing campaign. Hyundai has consistently been ranked among the top leaders in both quality and value. Kia is now the official sponsor of the NBA. Not bad, they must be making money somewhere (must be their cheap cars...yeah, right).

By the way, there are 4 Hyundai models: Tiburon, Sonata, Elantra, and Accent, and 2 Kia models: Optima and Rondo, in our family.

Our fuel economy is in tatters because of our loathsome love affair with big SUVs. Way to go America; nothing short of our own sloppy greed got us into this mess.

I was stationed in the military (now retired) and spent almost 8 straight years in Europe. Everyone had econoboxes. In fact, the tariff for vehicular insurance topped out at 2.4 liters, and most of those cars/vans were diesels. The point is, in America, WE JUST DIDN'T GET IT!

Now we are faced with a crisis that will most likely take another 20 to 30 years to unbury ourselves from. The last time our country was in a surplus was in 1996, with Bill Clinton. Not many SUV's around then, were there? By the way, thanks BIG THREE; you've bent us over so far that we will never become dislodged.

3rd Jul 2008, 06:31

Finally, another Hyundai fan. As far as I'm concerned, Hyundai is just as good as your Toyota, Mazda and Holden these days.

Back in the 80's and 90's, Hyundai was known as cheap rubbish, but in today's car market is up there with the top 5.

No matter how much money I earn has nothing to do with what I'll drive; I have always driven Hyundai and always will.

People who say that Hyundai is rubbish need to actually go and sit in one, or go a little further and test drive one; you will be very surprised.

4th Mar 2010, 15:58

I purchased a 2009 Sonata and drive a lot, 30,000 miles plus a year. I have owned several makes of cars and the Sonata quality is as good as any. My only complaint is the cost of the 30,000 mile check up, $465. Too much.

Hyuandais of yesteryear were of poor quality, but those of today are great cars at great prices.

30th Nov 2011, 16:33

Hello, I live and work in the United Kingdom. I drive a taxi. I have had a VW Passat TDI, Skoda Octavia TDI, Mondeo TDCi 155 ST, Peugeot 406 HDI in the past, but none of them has been a great all rounder like my 07 Sonata CDX CRDi manual gearbox model. To say this car has been a revelation is an understatement.

I regularly get extra tips from passengers thanks to this car!!! It's paying itself off in the tips alone, seriously, wow. The look and feel of the Sonata impresses many a traveller. I paid 3250 British sterling for it 6 months ago with 46000 miles on the Odo and a full service history; absolute bargain.

A totally reliable and fuel friendly large car, with copious boot space. Now I have noticed other taxi drivers sit up and take note, as more of these cars are appearing at the ranks!!!

A testament to the engineering that goes into these cars, is I have spent nothing other than servicing and brake linings in over 25 thousand miles, built up mostly in short mile work; this job will test any car to its limit!!! And I'm pleased to report the Sonata drives as good now as when I purchased the car.