5th Apr 2008, 12:29

I can't say I've experienced this problem in a Sonata because I've never driven one, but I do have a similar issue in my '97 Mercury Tracer. It holds 4th gear too long, as low as 34mph, which is only about 1600rpm in the Tracer. It causes a very low, deep, resonating tone and slight vibration. Totally not a big deal though and I got used to it quickly. Just a charactersitic of the way the car is designed. Stop complaining guys! If tiny characteristics like this are worth wasting time and money for going to the dealership, I can't imagine how you react when something actually breaks or stops working on your cars. These are not high dollar Lexus and BMW, so naturally they aren't going to have the highest levels of refinement. My experience in an '07 Optima was a very pleasant one. It was quiet and exceptionally smooth to drive and had a strong 4cyl. As long as reliability is there, these are excellent cars.

7th Apr 2008, 11:49

4 cyl Auto 2008 Sonata; Best buy out there for the money..

Very good mpg... has enough power for a 4 cyl...

All engines make a little noise; even my H3 makes noise, but with the radio on you don't hear it...

Heated rear view mirrors, even on base model..

Very good stereo...

I am 6'2" 260 lbs; plenty of room for me and very easy to get in and out of.

Only has mine 2 weeks so far no problems...

Getting 27 mpg.

So for my money it was a great buy, and keeps me out of the Hummer every day...

23rd May 2008, 22:46

Actually, I'd be glad the revs stay low and the transmission DOESN'T downshift. Every gear the transmission drops down, the lower your fuel mileage. My 4.0 V-6 Mustang will easily cruise in town at 1100-1200 rpm; that's barely beyond a fast idle. At 1600 rpm, it is doing almost 60mph in top gear. Your Sonata is built for economy, and Hyundai is definitely a great car. They are currently rated better than Camry, and 2 Hyundai models are on several "best buy lists".

16th May 2009, 15:52

I don't know about the "joke", but the punchline is the one about a lower gear using more cylinders.

Higher rpm=Higher fuel consumption.

You don't want to lug the engine, but the more time spent in higher gears normally translates to better gas mileage unless your name is Robby Gordon.

17th May 2009, 16:10

I agree with 4.7.08. Hyundai junk shouldn't be compared to a toyota - it's unfair to toyota drivers to be lumped in with hyundai.

(I drive a 2007 BMW 3 series, so have no vested interest in either manufacturer)

17th May 2009, 18:17

Hey 7/4/08 at 02:23, At least Hyundai engines don't sludge up. The "joke" is that Toyota has become passe and is not what it used to be.

2nd Aug 2009, 08:58

If Toyota drivers did their homework, they would know that the Sonata beat the Camry in all the car magazine reviews and that it is also a Consumer Reports "recommended pick".

Folks that think Hyundai is just some cheap car company really need to take another look at them. Hyundai is a very far cry from the tiny little Excel they imported back in the mid-eighties. If one can remember, Honda and Toyota both produced tin boxes on wheels and imported those in the seventies. For my money, I would choose a Hyundai over a Toyota, Chrysler or GM product any time.

2nd Aug 2009, 21:24

"If Toyota drivers did their homework, they would know that the Sonata beat the Camry in all the car magazine reviews and that it is also a Consumer Reports "recommended pick"."

So true. The problem is, Toyota buyers virtually NEVER do any research. They simply accept ad hype as gospel. The Sonata has whipped Camry's butt in EVERY comparison, and boasts 3 times the warranty. I have driven both the Camry and the Sonata. Neither are as good as the Ford Fusion (which I ended up buying) but the Sonata is so far ahead of the Camry it doesn't deserve to be compared to it. Hyundai makes some of the best cars in the world.