24th Apr 2009, 15:32

I've had my 2006 Tiburon since it was new.. no clutch problems whatsoever. I agree with who says the reviewer doesn't know how to drive a manual..

5th Apr 2010, 08:33

Recently started having problems with my 2006 Tiburon GT V6.

Car would get stuck in either reverse or 1st gear. Took to the shop, was given an estimate for 2200.00 told that was the clutch and flywheel. Took to a different shop was less $$, was told the clutch was fine, the flywheel had chunks of metal removed. In the process of getting car fixed. I would like to know why these parts are not covered under warranty. Is the flywheel not part of the drive train???

9th Apr 2010, 11:19

I'm reading a lot of complaints about the clutches on the Tiburon. I was considering a really nice one with red leather, but not anymore. It's obviously a defect, and an expensive one at that. The Elantra has major defect with the manual transmission too. Best to avoid these cars, especially with manual trans. Other Hyundai models are far more reliable.

6th Jul 2011, 14:06

I have a Tuscani 02 V6, I had it over a year now. When I bought it, she had a new clutch fitted at 69,000 miles.

Love the car, the looks, style, and it's also not a bad performer.

I also had problems with my offside window not working... fixed the wiring myself, now the nearside is playing up, same problem with the sunroof jamming LOL.

Hate the gear changes on the car.. very stiff shifting on 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and also down shifting is not so smooth!! I used to own a 2001 Tibi 1.6 facelift model; very smooth gear changes on that car, and also a sexy head turning car.

Apart from all that, the 2.7 V6 coupe is not a bad performer. It pulls very good, but if you rev it over 5000, you can smell the clutch burning, so I believe that's how all the clutches are going on them... I'm fitting a supercharger on mine soon, can get one from Denmark.


9th Aug 2014, 13:09

Every 67 year old knows how to drive a clutch. You're thinking 17 year old.