11th Jan 2004, 15:35

Let me say one very important thing... I had a 2001 Accord Coupe EX with a 5-speed manual tranny and cold air induction. It was definitely a quick FAMILY car. I beat a souped-up Ford Focus and an Eclipse GT with it, and the induction was the only mod! I now have an `03 Tib. I could smoke my old Accord in that thing so easily that it would be ridiculous. If I could beat the Accord, and the Accord beat the other two cars, what does that tell you about the Tibby! Settle it on the track... quit your talking about who can beat who and take it to the track, though I wouldn't have the guts to face a Tibby if I still drove my Honda!!!

2nd Feb 2004, 20:21

I have had no problems with the 2003 Tiburon GT.. I have had it for the past year and a few months..22,400 miles... NO problems at all.. Decent performing car, not a sports car, but a quick decent car..

10th Feb 2004, 20:34

The only reason a Stock 2003 RSX Type-S can defeat a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon V6 GT @ the track is because of the weight difference between the two cars. The RSX-S, weighs about 250 lbs less than the Tiburon. My friend conducted a few tests, about 30 runs in one day @ an isolated location. When the RSX-S gained 250 lbs of additional weight, the Tiburon was pulling on it every time in the 1/4 mile.

I'm currently running 160 whp in my V6 Tiburon, I'm going to increase that to about 175 whp by Friday. With 160 whp I ran a 15.237 @ 90.77 mph. With the Key Performance Headers I think I'll be in the 14.5-14.6 Range.

So far for the AEM Intake/Mellotone Exhaust/Key Performance Headers, it has cost me about $900.00 and I've paid 20,000 for my Tiburon. So for about 2,000 I'll have a car faster than an RSX Type-S, and maybe even the 2003 V6 Accord Coupe.

24th Mar 2004, 10:41

Wow. Don't know where to start. I own a 96 V-Tech Prelude; it's 2800lbs (heavy); I'm putting down around 180hp @ the wheels (not great, but not bad for a 2.2L 4-banger). Only mods are a chip (gets rid of governor), DC headers, & AEM cold air intake. I have raced many people and lost numerous times. I lost to a new M3, an S4, & an Eclipse GST (MODDED BOOST). I beat numerous cars, Tibecrapons being a few of them. Don't run your lip about your wanna-be Supra, poor quality Hyundai please. You don't know what you are talking about.

7th Apr 2004, 17:17

The people out there are saying that a Civic Si can beat a Tiburon Gt V6 stock for stock? GET COMMON SENSE! Just go to the quarter-mile track near you with your put down civic against a tiburon. You will find out who the real man is real fast!

6th Jul 2004, 17:54

Tiburon is too heavy. Civic SI will (and does) beat a Tiburon. Pound for pound the SI has it.

16th Jul 2004, 19:17

Someone needs to learn how to drive tiburon if that Si beat it, I stomped on an Si in my v6 tiburon. no problem.

18th Jul 2004, 20:35

I am looking to purchase a Tiburon and I must say I have laughed at all your comments. Crack me up!

30th Jul 2004, 23:19

Look here guys - I own a `93 MX-6 (24-valve DOHC V6) with Weapon-R cold air intake and a Flowmaster exhaust system. It will smoke any Civic, Eclipse, Tiburon, and V6 Mustang. Matter of fact, it will smoke any Honda, period. Only thing I lost too has been a Camaro SS.

2nd Oct 2004, 09:46

I just recently purchased an 03 Tiburon GT and I must say that I am very impressed. It could have a little more juice, but all in all the handling is very impressive. The body lines on this car cannot be touched in comparison to any Honda, Toyota, or Mustang. The "pound for pound" style of this vehicle dwarfs that of those played out Honda's and Toyota's. I have lost to a WS-6 and a VR-4; however, I have blowin' the doors off a few civics, preludes, and an Srt-4...OK I lied about the last one. But at any rate seriously though all of those other rice burners are played out so if you want some style, performance, and respect, then buy a Tiburon.

5th Oct 2004, 23:39

Hey max I hope your mx6 easily beats the 3.8l stang because that's really a heavy car for the power it has...

7th Oct 2004, 00:52

O.K. O.K. Honda's VS Hyundai's. Maybe that's right a GT V6 can smoke some Honda's, but the question is: how many of them it can smoke before start seen smoke coming out from the hood?. I mean no way Hyundai engines are better than Honda's. Hyundai is getting better every day, but they are so far far away from legendary badges. I have not try it, but I am pretty sure that my NISSAN 200SX (1993) can beat any Hyundai GT V6 (2003). A lot of you guys has just point out H's, NISSAN POWER dude...if Hyundai is so fast and cheaper... then way still people that prefer to buy a Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi or NISSAN??? Sport cars means performance! That's it. Keep trying Tiburon's.

29th Dec 2004, 00:06

So everybody is talking about the 03 Tiburon V6, and some say that it's a cheap race car. Well, that's not right. The Tib can smoke all the cars in its class, but some people are talking nonsense to compare a stock Tib with Honda V-Tech engine. I'd say, bring any V6 Honda stock (non-V-Tech) and the Tib will smoke it so easy that the Honda will be still waiting for the star :) I have the Tib and I smoked the following cars: Nissan 300ZX, Nissan Maxima 5-spd, Chevy Lumina S (3.8L V6), Honda Civic Si, '99 Honda Prelude w/boost computer and little bit more, `01 Prelude 5-spd w/aftermarket exhaust, VW Golf V5, 2002 Mustang V6 (not much of a chance against me), and a BMW Z4 (not M power). As you guys can see, the Tib is not a car to be laughed at - it's to be scared of. 'Cuz you never know what kind of MONSTER might live in the `03 Tibby's engine. A tip for you with an `03 Hyundai Tiburon: 1- computer chip (don't want to say a brand) 2- aftermarket exhaust system 3- ignition upgrade. And BOOM! Your car will blow the hell out of other cars.


1st Mar 2005, 22:59

I am sorry, but I have to say that I have been very pleased with my 2003 Tib gt. I have found some aftermarket parts and some personal mods that have easily (and not so expensive) bumped me up to a nice 400+ Bhp. that's right to the wheels. I laugh at about most cars that pull up and try to race me. I have had friends that dumped $9,000 into their cars and couldn't catch me! Its not that hard to get a Tib moving. All this arguing over which is best isn't going to go any where. Its all in preference.

25th Jul 2005, 13:09

I really don't understand all the comments about street racing or comparing one brand of car with certain modifications with another with a different set of modifications.

If you were serious about your driving, you would not be stupid enough to do your racing on the street. You would be on a road course. The problem is that on a track the BS stops.

I raced both Pro and amateur level in IROC Camaros 1984 - 1994 setting lap records at 6 different tracks and winning a number of endurance races so I feel that I can speak with some knowledge on real performance and vehicle durability.

After evaluating the 6 speed I chose my stock 03 Tib V6 GT auto, for a variety of reasons including comfort with reasonable street performance, good fuel economy, nice sharp looks excellent warranty and great price. I can drive fast enough to break any speed limit, but I don't feel the need to try and prove my manhood by playing kids games and street racing. The 6 speed was the smoothest I have ever felt, but I drive around town too much and didn't feel like rowing my way from stop light to stoplight.

If you want to modify your car, go ahead, but don't complain about parts breaking or wearing out and not being covered by the dealer. Also remember some dealers are better than others and when making a purchase remember you are not just buying a car, but establishing a relationship with a dealership that will last for at least as long as the warranty so shop wisely.