3rd Nov 2005, 22:02

The Tiburon V6 isn't that fast for a V6. Here are some stats (all cars are manual shift).

Tiburon V6 0-60mph ~ 7.1/ 15.4 quarter

Honda Prelude VTEC (1994-2001) 0-60mph ~ 6.7/ 15.2 quarter

Integra GSR/Type R 0-60 ~ 7.0 & 6.2, respectively

Eagle Talon turbo 0-60 ~ 6.3-6.4

Honda Accord 6-speed 3.0 V6 0-60mph ~ 5.9/ 14.5 quarter

These are quotes from car magazines, like Car and Driver and Road and track and various other sites.

If a stock Tiburon V6 beats any of these cars, the driver of the other cars either did not try, or missed a shift.

19th Feb 2006, 18:58

A 97 Probe GT could keep up with a Tiburon V6, but a Prelude and Integra could still beat a Tiburon and Probe GT.

15th Jun 2006, 16:42

Tiburons V6's aren't too fast for a V6. an Accord V6 coupe 6 speed runs 14.5 stick, and you'd need quitea few mods on a Tiburon to get into that territory. A 2001 PRelude weighs the same is a Tiburon and it's 0-60mph is about 6.6-6.7 seconds. where as a Tiburon is liek 7 seconds.

16th Jun 2006, 14:50

Ahem. Tiburons are NOT high performance anything.

16th Oct 2008, 23:00

First of all. Please don't say bad about others until you have driven & owned one.

Who said Hyundai's aren't reliable??

Had the 2002 Sonata (2.0L semi auto) and been driven over 200,000KM and mostly been driven on high speed around 150-200km per hour.

Honestly, the car is still go.

Do it with regular maintenance; engine, tyres etc.

Still great, HONESTLY.

Had the 2004 Sonata (2.4L semi auto). It's been driven over 70,000km and a similar speed as mentioned above.

Yes it is still good.

Now having the 2008 Coupe (2.0L semi auto).

Already driven up to 200km. The best PART is the cabin is more quiet than an ALFA 156, ALFA 147 or Audi A4/Volvo S40.

Why do I said that??

Coz I had all the mentioned Alfa (s), Audi & Volvo: SO I KNOW IT!

So please out there; BE NICE.

What if others said bad things ABOUT U: NOT UR CAR.

Then you feel pretty disappointed.

About speed; that's why HYUNDAI is releasing the GENESIS.

Eventually proven the geometry is better then 750i or E550.

Speed even faster then the mentioned.

Why do I say it??

Check out YOUTUBE: real world test.

So be nice.

May it brings better future to our cars.


Menticore MBA, BBA (Transport)

9th Nov 2008, 18:50

I own a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT. I love the way it handles and I have had no problems with it so far. It is not race car, but it has a good pull to it. It is a very sweet sports car though.

And for those of you who make a stereotype about Hyundai and have never owned one, congratulations. You have managed to overhear a kid in math class who said that Hyundai is crap. The only reason you say this is because you have overheard it from some one else.

16th Dec 2008, 08:54

I have a 2003 Tiburon V6 and I've done too much stuff to count. It is very fast and I would be glad to race any car on the street or on the track, including a Camaro...

18th Mar 2009, 21:26

The Hyundai Tiburon GT has like 2 different versions if I remember correctly. It has the GT and the SE GT versions, that supposedly make more hp, and a six gear shifting box instead of the 5.

And for the guy that says no 2.0 can touch him... sorry dude, the k20 will smoke you any day... and please, you need a six cylinder to keep up with a four cylinder... which is Honda vs Hyundai...

I'm pretty sure the (94-01) Integra GSR can keep up with the GT stock for stock.. and I don't know how the Prelude lost to the Tiburon... because it's making 200hp and about 154 pounds of torque, and weighs 2954 pounds while the Tiburon is making 172 hp with I think 181 pounds of torque, and weighs about 3015. I really don't know how the Prelude lost unless he wasn't really trying, or the car isn't running right.

An up coming race at the track that I am going to do.

1994 Integra 170hp with 128 pounds of torque

2005 Tiburon 172hp with 181 pounds of torque

Who will win?

10th Feb 2011, 11:45

I got a 2003 Tiburon GT V6. It has 181 horsepower but it feels like it's got about 220 HP. It is faster than a 2010 RX8 and the RX8 has got 232 horsepower. I drove 2 2010 RX8, they're slow.