16th Oct 2008, 15:17

In '04 my girlfriend bought a BRAND NEW '04 Tiburon GT in Blue. 6 months after purchasing she had the roof repainted on her own dime. The same east coast DM told her that it was bird droppings just like many of you have said in the past postings. Since then she's actually had it done again, but by a seperate body shop, not Hyundai. Now the clear coat seems to be disappearing, the plastic parts like the gas cap door and rear bumper are fading. I've waxed the car numerous times using "liquid glass" which I use on my Jeep Wrangler and CBR1000. Doesn't seem to be helping her paint at all.

Hyundai is no help, not even with their "paint warranty" was anything covered. She and I love the car, but Hyundai is skimping on there paint. Won't buy another one just because of this.

12th Jun 2009, 01:19

I just got a 2001 Tiburon. From what I've been reading, it's been the 2003 models and up where they started putting on the faulty paint. However, like I also have in my car, the paint on the 2001's seem so scratch really easily. I've got tonnes of key scratches all over my drivers side key entry. Other than that I think the paint on the 2001 Tiburon's are safe.

29th Jul 2010, 08:15

Yes, I have a 1999, and it has a ton of scratches all over it. Parked it beneath a tree outside my place a few weeks ago, and I got some sap on it. I guess it really wasn't a bright idea, but I tried to peel the stuff off with my finger nails... got a few more lovely scratches.

Anyways, I'm having huge problems with this car; tire goes flat every 2-3 months, stereo system has faulty wiring and only works when it wants to, and the power windows on the passenger side won't work sometimes. I mean it's starting to get on my nerves.

I'm sitting at home right now. I'm trying to find a key for the rims on the driver's side, because the tire went flat and the previous owner left it at the dealership without a manual or the rim keys. I mean I'm a 19 year old bachelor who lives half way across the country from his parents. I need a reliable vehicle to get to work. Today I'm missing 8 hours. Joy; that's $124 I can't afford to lose very often... I'm hoping to be rid of it by next spring.. time to get me a North American car.. this just isn't worth the extra stress.

29th Jul 2010, 10:28

There is a seal tyre fitters use when putting new tyres on. You might want to get the rims skimmed also. If it's purely reliability you're after when you buy your next car, then Honda and Toyota are meant to be good. I have never bought one, but if you search online for the most reliable cars, Honda seems to top the list.

29th Jul 2010, 17:53

Not any more. In J.D. Powers most recent IQS (Initial Quality Survey) Ford beats out Honda and Toyota both. Ford ranks 5th, Honda 6th and Toyota a pretty poor 21st out of the 33 car makers surveyed. In fact, both Ford and GM have more cars in the top three in every category than ANY Japanese car maker.

30th Mar 2011, 11:56

Met with a rep on 3 29 11 in re to paint degeneration on my 04 Santa Fe. He said they would split the $$3200 estimate on repainting the entire vehicle. Unacceptable on my part due to faulty paint or clearcoat observed while under warranty. Beware, we are not happy with this decision, and we will not rest until it is completely resolved.